• Model: HS74#1017 50155 014 (55) Stainless Steel Neck Tech

24"/60cm Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Neck-Tech Pinch Collar

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Neck Tech Pinch Collar for Doberman Training and Controlling

The Neck Tech Pinch/Prong collar by Herm Sprenger is a revolutionary Pinch/prong collar with a superior design that enhances not only the performance of the prong collar, but also gives it a stylish and ultra discreet appearance. This neck tech stainless steel Dog Pinch Collar by Herm Sprenger features the classic Herm Sprenger martingale chain assembly coupled with a quick release snap hook for better action when giving a correction.

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Metal Neck Tech Prong Doberman Collar for Training

Neck Tech Doberman Collar for Effective Yet Harmless Training

Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech dog force (pinch) collars are made in Germany of top quality stainless steel. Each element is stamped from solid coiled steel stock. Neck-Tech Pinch Collars are guaranteed 100% rust proof. Designed for use with all dog breeds, including both short and long haired dogs. Herm Sprenger Neck Tech tines are designed to imitate the shape of dog's teeth, creating a "natural influence" over the dog. Excellent for teaching heel, sit, stay, whoa, etc. Proper fit is achieved by adding or removing links. Just snap them in or out.

Key features of this Doberman Pinch Collar :

  • made of stainless steel
  • corrosion and rust resistant
  • better breaking load
  • HS red tag
  • extra durable

Intended use of this Doberman Pinch Collar:

  • training dog in natural manner
  • total control over pet
  • effective solving behavioral problems

Dimensions available:

  • length - 24 inch (60 cm)
  • additional link 1 1/4 inch (3cm)
  • weight: 9.6 oz (270 g)


  • nylon removable protector

Neck Tech Pinch Collars are usually of different sizes.This particular Pinch Collar is 24 inch (60 cm) in length and 9.6 oz (3cm) in weight. If your dog's neck is bigger, remember that you can order an additional link 1 1/4 inch (270 g) in length. In this way you can add or remove links to make your collar bigger or smaller. To perform this action you will need a needle nose pliers.

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Pinch Neck Tech Metal Dog Collar for Correction of Behavior in Doberman

HS Stainless Steel Neck Tech Dog Collar for Doberman

We have found the pinch collar to be especially useful in teaching "heel", "sit", "whoa", "stay", and "here". Our own view is that choke chains and pinch collars should not be used on pups under six months of age. These collars should only be during training sessions and should NEVER be left on unattended dogs.

This Neck-Tech collar with snap-hook release is made of stainless steel guaranteed never to rust. The snap hook is used for easy removal of the collar. Each element (link) is made of stainless steel stamped of solid coiled stock. This collar is designed to replicate dog’s teeth for a natural influence on the dog’s neck. Pleasant for long and short hair breeds

You can also order nylon removable protector for this pinch collar

  1. Reduces contact with water
  2. Protects against excessive light reflection
  3. Collar makes less noise
  4. Does not look like pinch collar - looks like regular collar.


  • you shouldn't leave your dog alone wearing a Pinch Collar as it may catch on something and injure itself.
  • keep an eye carefully when choosing the size of the collar; it must be of the perfect size. Otherwise, it will hang down of the dog's neck or on the contrary will cause problems with breathing.

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