How sex of Doberman affects its nature

Nature of Doberman

You can read about breed Doberman the following: “Doberman is noted for its devotion and fearlessness, it has strong nerves; this dog is watchful and courageous, thanks to its intelligence, excellent nose, amazing working capacity and obedience Doberman is very easy trainable dog. The dog can be not only a good domestic animal and but also a working dog.”

When the conversation drifts to the Doberman, it’s mentioned as nervous, capricious and disobedient dog. Mainly these are words of the people knowing the Doberman by hearsay. In order to understand what Doberman is actually you had better turn to those who have been working with the breed for more than one year.

Professor Salvatore Caltabiano says:

“I think, that Doberman is not only a guard dog but also an invaluable domestic dog accustoming to people very well. For that matter I want to mark a wonderful ability of Dobermans (especially bitches) to live together with children even little ones, but older children know that a Doberman is a good companion to play with and a reliable guardian. I am saying that basing on not only my personal experience but also on tens of hundreds of families which have the dogs of this breed. Each and every member of these families has become an active agitator of this breed. However the love for a puppy, necessary for arousing best qualities in it, must not be out of tune with its education. A puppy will never make a good dog if allowed to do everything!...”

Vittorio Bolonia , a veteran breeder of Dobermans in Italy, says:

“People say much about nasty nature of Doberman. Some call it snappish, others-self-willed, and still others claim that Doberman has unbalanced mind. On the other hand, I know many people who assert that Doberman is a tsar among dogs, the best dog breed. They are right and wrong all at once. In the first instance, the natures of male and female are very different.  When you enter the house guarded by Doberman-female, she instinctively assumes functions of a guardian. Her visualizations are very simple.

All people fall into two categories: the one includes her owners, the other-the rest, that are regarded as potential enemies. Doberman–female is very sensitive and needs to be treated delicately. She becomes wicked very quickly if she thinks that a stranger constitutes a threat to her owners. Doberman-female is like a musical instrument and she becomes “ untuned” easily when a bad musician “plays” her”.

Doberman-male is a hot and inpatient, always willing to attack, impetuous, able to realize all the strength and has a fine mind. He requires energetic, artful treatment. He is unapt to tolerate beating whether his owner beats him or someone else.

This dog is a friend not a servant. From the very beginning you should give him to understand that you are the only boss here and he must obey only you. However you should do this cleverly and without any violence otherwise if you start beating him he may think that you want him to fight.  

Doberman is a unique dog. The person who managed to domesticate Doberman is an owner of the best dog worldwide. Doberman’s strength, its nose, smartness and health rank second to none. Only active person can have such dog."

What is else there to add? Maybe the only one thing: if you are interested in breed Doberman you need to turn to dog owners and breeders for useful information, because these people have experience in handling and breeding of Doberman. Do not compile different rumors. By the way, this concerns any dog breed.


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