Basic training plays an important role in Doberman's life

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February 25, 2014






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It is necessary to teach your dog both discipline and self-control in order to give him a better sense of understanding. Basic training is necessary for every dog. Initial education plays an important role for happy future of four-legged pals. 
Teaching a dog his name is the first and the most important thing. Having your dog know his name allows you to capture his attention. 
Teaching a dog to sit is the easiest command that almost every doggy knows. This comand will allow your dog to learn new commands and tricks. It's also the best way to prevent your dog from unwanted behavior. 
The lay down command is a great command to calm your pet down when necessary. If your dog is afraid of something and gets out of control, this command will help you. Also this command will allow you to teach your pet some other tricks.
The wait command will help you to better control your pet. The importance of that command is to tell your pet that whatever he's doing, wait until you say so.



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The Doberman was exhibited in Germany at Hamburg exhibition in 1863 but in 1876 a studbook for the Doberman was started. The Doberman was named Thuringer Pinscher then. Unfortunately, Frieidrich Louis Dobermann was not destined to become the evidence of the triumphant progress of his dogs’ fame. 



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