Employment of Doberman in many services

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Balanced (according to external temperature, age and condition of a dog) run beside a bicycle is an effective way of movement for adult Doberman as well as long walks or use the possibility to run freely in segment may be recommended.  

In return of this Doberman will give a great harmony and equilibrium to its owner, will become more devoted to him, more trainable as well as more obedient. If the dog of this breed is provided with everyday movement, then keeping it even in a flat won’t bring much trouble.

Short, easy-to-groom hair and docked tail are quite suitable for housing conditions. Many complications in relations between Doberman and its owner are due to lack of plenty time that dog owner should find for his beloved pet. The dog that lives in a flat is in more close and long contact with its owner. 

But one should bear in mind that such management of a dog as contrasted to confinement in a Kennel, does not harden such Dobermans and may result in increment of susceptibility to various diseases.

Doberman as sporting and working dog

Doberman is quite an appropriate choice for being an athletic and working dog. Using Doberman as a service-user or guard dog was a most important objective, employment task and reason that directed Friedrich Louis Dobermann to breed this dog breed that was named after him. In due time good earnests were resulting in worldwide distribution of Doberman dogs.

Contrary to all statements short hair does not have disadvantages in order to use this dog as tracker or sporting  one, because short and very hard hair of every toughened by cold weather Doberman has thick heating layer of undercoat that protects from rain, wind and snow. But if Doberman’s hair gets wet anyway that quickly dries out due to its short length.

Needless to say, that dog booth standing in outside house must have double walls. Of course, heat-insulation of short-wolled dogs can be equal to that of wire-haired or long-haired dogs when the temperature is too low. Successful education of Doberman supposes also thoughtful and consequent attitude of the dog’s guide to its alive temperament.

Nevertheless anyone is glad to observe a work of temperamental, explosive Doberman in the training ground or its participation in serious business. During obedience training a properly trained Doberman that over and above works cheerfully under known stress and carefulness will always demonstrate active with zest job. In protection service this dog may properly develop its natural wickedness and fighting instinct directed by training. 

And if the exercise involves biting Doberman will keep a sharp eye on “malicious person” in cheerful expectation of a battle.  Quickness and fearlessness are the qualities that have already become a part of saying: these are beneficial to Doberman not only during overcoming of short and long distances but also may be successfully applied to trace work, obedience as well as protection service. The ability to run arduously is closely connected with strong need of Doberman to be in movement.

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