Doberman: Adequate choice of the dog will save many problems

“You just have brought a living being not a commodity to your home, whose heart will be beating only for you now. But-attention! Doberman is not a pony and a work horse it is a “blooded racer”. This not a car to be driven by everyone, it is “Formula-1”, drive on which requires professionalism. If Doberman feels your love, if you give the dog much freedom and entertainment for relaxation, if you have the opportunity to attend to its education, development of mental endowments and sagacity, then you will have an excellent companion as a result. Doberman is an extremely gifted dog”.

Jan Madu
Choosing a Doberman

Folk wisdom declares that the only love to be bought with money is dog love. Having a dog is not a whim or a tribute of fashion. It is necessary to base on own interests and requirements, psychological and social possibilities. And this calls for detailed calculation. Purchasing a dog you immediately become morally responsible.

You should be ready for spending a lot of your time for walks, care and feeding of the dog, having a dog involves financial expenses for veterinary service. So, you’ve uniquely made up your mind to have Doberman but, all the same, you should clearly find your position for which purpose you need Doberman dog.

Do you want to have just a domestic pet, companion and family friend or in the depth of your heart you wish to be an owner of star ring, the dog that will be knowable and popular among absolutely unfamiliar people? But anyway the dog must be thoroughbred.
All advertisements contain the words: puppies “Pet”, “Breed” or “Show” class are on sale. 

“Pet” is a domestic darling, pedigreed dog that can’t participate in exhibitions and breeding due to certain reasons. These reasons must be named by the seller.

“Breed” is a so called breed “skeleton”, the dogs that have all pedigreed characteristics, their bloodlines are good as well as their exterior and they are used for breeding.

“Show” is a dog having an excellent exterior. Not near an every litter includes such individuals that are a sort of breed pearls.

At that you need always remember the following: the definition “show” at the age of 1, 5 month old is too questionable. It depends on a great many factors whether this puppy will make “a dog show” or not. 

You may buy Doberman dog on the rims but in this case you have to remember that your puppy will rather never be used in pedigree breeding, never place and you won’t ever be sure about excellent mental and working abilities of such dog. 
The money saved in the very beginning will turn to be not such important as the disappointment from endless bewilderment of wider public: Why your dog is dissimilar to those dogs on the cover of the magazines? Do not forget that it is impossible to buy Mercedes at the price of Zaporozhets.


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