Short excursus to the history of Apolda

The Doberman is a native of Apolda

Apolda is a small town in Thuringia (Germany); in the late nineteenth century the population numbered about 20 thousands there. The population was occupied with automobile manufacture and wool production, as well as foundry engineering. Apolda was a capital of Herzogtum Sachsen-Weimar. Annually in the marketplace a festival was navigated; it was a fair of various dog breeds that was well-known not only in this territory.

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The fair was carried out under the direction of “Union for improvement of dog breeds in Thuringia”–the only organization in Germany laboring at pedigree breeding and aiming at the improvement of different dog breeds.
A thoroughbred dog was a rarity because nobody went about doing selection and professional breeding at the time. The dogs existing in Germany then, basically were admixtures of user dogs used by butchers (butchers’ dogs), shepherds (shepherds’ dogs) and hunters (hunters’ dogs).

Thus, “Union for improvement of dog breeds” of Apolda set up a very actual problem consisting in development of the notion “pedigree dog” itself in the population in order future owners of domestic animals could be particular about quality of dogs and pedigree value of puppies purchased.

Yearly carried out fair of dogs in Apolda enabled this event; it functioned as selling exhibition of all dog breeds and where with the course of time arrived experts of dog breeds and dog breeders not only from Germany but also from other countries. Town authorities in Apolda gave permission for the marketplace to be used free as a selling exhibition of the dogs because they realized the importance of the arrangement.

Levies for participants of the exhibition were so poor and summed 50 Pfennige for a dog. The money gathered for dog owners went into “Union for improvement of dog breeds” disposal as it was an organizer of dog fair.
The dogs exhibited for sale were divided into types of use in order to facilitate a choice of the dog for buyers; the visitors could see such puppies to be offered for sale: “grand”, “domestic”, “hunting”, “butcher’s” and “shepherd’s” breeds. Grown-up dogs, puppies and whole litters were sold and bought.
Doubtless, dog fair in Apolda was a bright nameable happening for participants and residents of the town. Starting from the early morning high atmosphere reigned in the town, local orchestras struck into music thus amusing the guests and dog fair turned into general holiday with obligatory entertainment, pass of ceremonial procession accompanied with dogs, musicians and the masker cross-town. Midday feast calmed down only after dark.

Gradually Apolda’s dog fair became perceived as folk holiday; one of the most funny and that drew many people of every age and rank from everywhere.
Todays day of breed cradle–APOLDA, keeps memory about glorious history of Doberman breed, regional museums show material evidences on breed origin, first studbooks, also the exhibitions are held there and famous worldwide Dobermanists are aware of them.


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