Breed standard

Official AKC standard (American Kennel Club)

Approved February,6 1982
Revised November,6 1990

General descripition

  • The dog is of medium size, the body is almost squire especially in males
  • Constitution is compact, muscular and powerful and therefore the dog is more strong and quick
  • Elegant appearance and majestic posture suggest nobility and temper
  • Live, hawk-eyed, determined, awake, fearless, amicable and obedient

Size, Proportion, Compaction

  • Height at the withers: males are 26-28 inches, perfect approximately 27 ½ inches; females are 24-26 inches, perfect approximately 25 ½ inches
  • The height measured vertically from the base to the top point of the withers totaling the length measured vertically from the fore chest to the hinder side of upper thigh
  • The length of the head, neck and legs are proportional to the length and depth of body.

  • Long, thin resembling a blunt wedge in both full-face and profile
  • If viewed from the front the head broadens gradually towards the base of the ears in a particularly unbroken line
  • Almond-shaped eyes moderately set with vigorous, eager expression
  • Iris, of self color, is dark brown in black and dark-brown dogs; the color of the iris blends with markings in red, blue and fawn dogs. The darkest shade is more preferable in every case. 
  • Ears are usually curt short, vertical
  • Upper part of the ear, when raised up, is on level with the occipital prominence.
  • The occiput is flat, with slight bridge to the muzzle; the line of the muzzle is parallel to the line of the scull.
  • Cheeks are flat and not saggy (muscular)
  • Nose is black in black dogs, dark brown in brown ones, dark grey in blues, dark golden in fawns.
  • Lips are firmly set
  • Jaws are full and powerful
  • Teeth are strong and white with complete dental formula
  • Lower incisors are vertical and touch upper incisors, true scissors bite
  • 42 regularly placed teeth, 22 in the lower jaw, 20 in the upper one
  • Distemper teeth should not be penalized
  • Disqualifying defects: big ones, more than 3/16 of an inch
  • Incorrect bite, more than 1/8 of inch
  • Four or more missing teeth

  • Proudly carried, muscular and dry neck,
  • Fine arched neck gradually widens towards body
  • The length of the neck is proportional to constitution of the dog
  • Withers forms the top point of the body
  • Top line is short, strong, too wide and muscular extending in a direct line from the withers towards slightly rounded hind quarter.  
  • Fore part of the chest is well developed up to elbow
  • Ribs are deep and well curved, smoothed in the back
  • Elbows lying down the chest tightly
  • Belly is well-groomed, in a nice embowed line from the chest. The coupling is wide and muscular
  • Thigh is wide and proportional to the body
  • Tail is cut short at level of the second joint approximately and seems to be a continuation of the spine or carried a little above the dorsum when the dog is prick-eared


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