Doberman puppy is not a toy!

Doberman puppy in the house

It is much better to take away a Doberman puppy before weekends. Besides bringing the puppy home it is also important to bring something that smells its mother and the nest of its in order that this baby should not cry at nights. But you should know that the puppy will be whining for several days anyway.  

if it is cool in your flat you should put a warm-water bottle on the puppy’s bed. Unfortunately, many people often think about puppyish place only after bringing it home. So, see about it in advance. Doberman puppy must immediately learn where it will be sleeping, eating and playing. Its bed must not be near a radiator, in a draught or in the passage.

Your little puppy, which will turn into an adult Doberman very soon, should have enough space for walking. There are a lot of books about management and raising of Doberman puppy. As well as a lot of test for puppies are available.

And, that is not less important you should familiarize yourself with the list of documents, some of them you must have seen already and the others to get on purchasing of Doberman puppy.

Be careful and attentive. There are situations having been attracted by charm of Doberman muzzle the buyers (due to own imprudence) had different problems with the documents later on. Every Doberman puppy must receive a certificate of its birth (puppyish card) or ownership certificate where an identification number of Doberman puppy is to be included.

That number must be tattooed on the puppy’s flank on the inside of the hind leg. This certificate is given to a new owner of this Doberman puppy. Puppyish cards are made out only after putting the dog on the record. The memorialization of Doberman’s litter is performed when the puppy is 1.5 months old. Also this is called a puppyish card.


All the excuses such as “later” or “you will do on your own if you want” are illegal!! The puppies from such litter are rather unscheduled, i.e. they will not have a pedigree in future, or their pedigrees will be made illegitimately, or somebody wants you be a member of this or that club without your desire, but you may choose a club in your own discretion or be a member of that Kennel where from your Doberman puppy is.


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