No two Dobermans are alike

For what reason do you want to buy Doberman?

True desire

You have dreamed to have Doberman for many years but by force of certain circumstances you could not afford it. But now you have plenty of time, possibilities and means for realization of your own sacred dream.

Your folks share your desire to have Doberman dog and your children are grown-up enough to teach a four-footed friend-Doberman, and they worry you with endless asks to get a dog.  Be free to make up your mind! The dog of Doberman breed will be long-awaited joy.

With appearance of this pet you life will become more bright and light, conflicts will be solved easier and calmer. You will acquire a wonderful pal which almost never is in a bad temper, but canine devotion and sincerity will help you to overcome difficult life situations. Your children will be more attentive, patient and kind.


If you work almost around the clock you can afford to have even a space vehicle but you’re a bit abandoned but a beloved child felt inclined to have namely a Doberman dog.
Compensating the lack of attention you, without going into particulars, buy everything that your kid wishes including the dog. In fact, a poor animal is just sequent toy.

At that encouraging a regular caprice of your child you do not reflect on that whether somebody wants this dog to be at home at all and what you are gonna do with it when your child has lost interest in Doberman dog.

In such situation it is nice if a child understands the responsibility for living animal and his/her desire is not just a whim. But unfortunately it is not usually like that. Then if the best happened the dog will be under supervision of different “nannies-trainers”, but when hard comes to hard the Doberman dog will be handed to good hands, thus having crippled the mentality of such cute puppy due to the absence of any education.

Further destiny of this Doberman is unpredictable but frequently is sad. So many poor dogs being left to the mercy of fate die under the wheels of a car or just from a hunger, because these dogs are able to pick up the food only from a bowl. New living toys change these unlucky animals two thirds of which will have the same fate.

The most awful is that rich people do not take a trivial dog like German shepherd or Poodle to be a dog-gift. As a rule this animal is of a noble breed when being settled in so-called “good hands” the sellers of this prestigious dog name its high price.

At that it is suggested that the benefactor making a home for this unnecessary Doberman dog will not be out of pocket. A new owner, falling for similar promises and having no knowledge about dogs catches “the golden bag” greedily and starts literally to squeeze all the juices from the dog in order to increase own financial status.


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