The most “humane” dog is Doberman

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With every care, treatment, regular feeding and optimal load condition provided Doberman will live for long time, i.e. our pet’s community can gladden you for 10-15 years more (give or take uncertainty resulting from providence and amount of your care and love for Doberman.

After these happy moments you are destined to face the blow which intensity equals the depth of feeling experienced while a close friend or family member dies. But before this you will deal with diseases, feebleness and sufferings of a once live dog and useless trips to a veterinary clinic, unforgettable horribleness of despair due to hopelessness and the impossibility to help to the dog…

( I remember the last scream of my devoted and beloved Doberman-female- the most “humane” dog that lived a beautiful and distinguished life and even now I can hear that her dying complaint-groaning: unlimitednees of pain, desire to live and a desperate objection against irretrievability…)

Dogs have some peculiarity due to which its connection with a man can be very deep and psychologically significant (imaginary “hominization” of an animal has nothing to do with this) this is their video-specific behavior stemming from the pack-hierarchic instincts and this behavior successfully put the representative of a canine tribe in a model of human family-pack.

The question is on the family designed by nature itself, i.e. video-specific. Especially in the conditions where “natural” family pattern is subjected to various cultural deformations, a dog, Doberman in particular, has a good chance to occupy a vacant recess and that in turn in many ways has given the rise to the successful expansion of the genus in the modern world that is almost unneedful of “working” dogs. 

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