First of all debate the purchase of Doberman in your mind

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Also you should bear in mind that due to its high activity Doberman often needs a help of an experienced vet and more often than not–surgical intervention. And for all that stuff you should spend money and a lot of time (besides immunizations, vitamins and accessory food substances, necessary medications to be available in medicine chest).

In todays social environment Doberman has status and it is mostly gala-representative one rather than another.  People seldom get Doberman for own benefit but rather due to the lack of knowledge on the breed and all difficulties connected with its management. 

Almost all these Doberman puppies turn to be lost or die already in the first year on account of the irresponsibility of the dog owners buying animals “with the soul component”- as a rule preferring those that are “low-priced” and therefore often do not have a pedigree, medical card. 
Thus, if you are not a professional cynologist, do not have many years’ experience as for management of large and active dog breed, want a dog only “with the soul component” of as “a gift” for your kid but at that you do not have spare time, busy at work during the day, etc. and so on- Doberman is almost surely not “your dog”.

Never be in hurry to purchase something similar and better thousand times imagine your future life with the animal which is gonna live in your house being completely dependent on you for about 15 years…and all these years cleaning dirt after it, cooking food, spending time and efforts, airing several it times a day you’re risking to find yourself a cattleman and a salve of your attachment provided that you are not hard-hearted.

But then the inevitable end will come–anility, infirmity, disease of your four-footed friend, endless trips to veterinary clinic-weariness and despair are sure to arrive because you will be unable to release your Doberman from sufferings…Do believe one cannot wish anybody to see own favorite dog dying.

Therefore it is the necessity to remind such bitter truth i.e. future dog owner does not think about it..But he is wrong. One should count everything in advance in order neither to torture wonderful dogs and nor err due to inconsiderate, silly act.

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