Is it easy for other dogs to make friends with Dobermans?

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  October 28, 2013



Let us talk about relations of our four-footed friends with their fellows. As far as Dobermans are concerned these canines are quite friendly and prefer making friends with other animals or other dogs in particular rather than to fight with them. Due to inborn nobility Doberman does not come to blows first only if provoked to fury by battlesome dogs he can adequately respond to the offence. Actually, Doberman behaves to small, medium or large dog in like manner. A certain Doberman is known to have lived together with a couple of cats in one flat without quarrelling with them! 


In fact, these animals are intelligent and can properly behave when being in public places or among other dogs. Even if another dog starts barking at Doberman he will not be angry with this pooch. Doberman will deal honorably in this case – he will pretend not hear this barker. It is false statement that Dobermans are aggressive and wicked dogs. As a matter of fact, these canines have gained such reputation because they were used for protection and owing to their power and size.


They may attack somebody if it is a danger to life of their owners or in order to protect their property. It is hard to find more amicable pets than Dobermans. Moreover, human kids adore Dobermans and are happy to live with them together. Does your Doberman get along with other dogs? 


They say, Dobermans are lamblike creatures and their nervous system is robust. It is possible to put a person out of temper sooner than noble Doberman. Those who have ever known Dobermans are unlikely to say a bad word of them. How to be indifferent to so perfect in everything animals? Only ignorant human beings do not know all the truth about Dobermans. But the people who were owners of Doberman would choose this dog as pet over and over again...




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Invaluable qualities of one the most handsome canine worldwide…


Dobermans are popular with pet handlers nowadays. Portrait of Doberman is as follows: a short-woolled dog with perfect silhouette and smooth gait, charisma and alive glance, good manners and quick wits.. It is a pleasure to deal with Doberman or just look at him no matter if he plays, walks or just sleeps.

These wonder living beings are famous for inborn bravery, fantastic abilities to investigate, spacious mind, great strength, acute power of scent, necessary characteristics of working dog. Doberman is on the list of intellectually ranking among other canine individuals. 


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