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2. When it is 3В result or more:

Such Doberman is considered to be prone to quiet, confident dominance and lead.
This dog will have a head for training, for participation in sporting events- IPO, agility. With a right chosen instructional strategy such Doberman will become devoted and obedient friend. It will be pleasant for you to be with it under any conditions–not only in a crowd but also at home on the sofa.  
3. When it is 3С result or more:

It is thought that such Doberman will wonderfully adapt to any conditions. It is obedient and too appropriate choice of dog for families with little children and oldsters. However, you may have the difficulties with exercise of protective guard abilities in such Doberman.

4. When it is 2D result or more, especially with one or several Е:

It is thought that such Doberman is subject to effect of circumstances and prone to obeyance, and for its confidence this dog needs to be in close contact with a man, this Doberman needs to be rewarded; the tactics of its education must be based on constant attention, love and tenderness to it. Such Doberman as a rule has equal nature and can get along with its family members and live with children in the same house, but also this dog may bite if treated bad, because it is its form of defence.

5. When it is 2D result or more together with E in the division “Social superiority”:

You may have difficulties while socializing your Doberman
Therefore it is necessary to apply particular training methods.
If during testing such Doberman puppy will get mark A or B then it may show a tendency to attacks because if fear especially when punished.
If during testing such puppy gets several C or one D in addition, then such Doberman will become embarrassed in stress situations and unbalanced when being among children. Its behavior is unpredictable and requires regular monitoring.
6. When it is 2Е result or more:

Doberman will be difficult to train. Educational measures will almost have no effect on the dog. It may bite of fear or stress situation. It is not allowed to take such Doberman in family with  children. There must be a professional approach during training of this dog.

7. When oppositional qualities A and E are combined:

Doberman will have unpredictable nature. Its behavior will depend on too many factors to be included. Some behavioral stability will be observed only under the conditions that are habitual for this dog. In order the result may be stable you should repeat the testing of chosen Doberman under other conditions and only then to draw a final conclusion.
Experts recommend the beginners to take Doberman-bitch. You will have far less problems during education of her, because Doberman-bitch is calmer and her mentality is more sensitive, she is attached to her owner much quicker, she is easier to train but her guard abilities are not worse than those of Doberman-male’s. The difficulty is that the bitch is vacant two times a year and this condition lasts for 21 days. During these days the bitch is less easygoing and may try to escape. Doberman-male is more hot-blooded, requires obligatory training and athletic education. He is apt to conquer lead in the family as well as search for a bitch all year round.


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