If you connive at the education of Doberman you will lose much

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    3.  Doberman is not an easy working dog breed to manage; it was bred for protection (but not for amusement and pleasure) with all ensuring consequences. Males are big and very     powerful. Some representatives of this breed (both males and bitches) are moderately aggressive and, occasionally, when things come round not good these dogs may constitute a menace for the wider public. Reckless behavior, mobility and hot temperament are peculiar to Doberman and consequently every dog needs long off leash walks several times a day  but it is forbidden to air this dog in town yard and streets. A professional training and education are necessary for Doberman to behave properly. This in turn means: 
  • а. Availability of a dog trainer according to the place of your residence (this person must have special education and be a real trainer but not to claim to such);
  • b. Availability of your spare time, desire to teach Doberman (your participation will be needed), patience and moderation;
  • c. Readiness to spend money for these purposes (lessons of dog trainer cost much);
  • d. Availability of accessories and equipment for Doberman (they should be purchased).
If you are not engaged in education and training of Doberman then you run the risk of getting a maladjusted, ill-managed –strong and beautiful creature but alike a devil. And it will be even difficult to air such Doberman. It is recognized that along with all mentioned above dog breed Doberman always has the highest intellectual measures and abilities to learn complicated tasks according to testing results and among the other 5 cleverest dog breeds! 


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