Oh this temperamental Doberman

Nature, management

Doberman is so perfect creature of nature and man that upon further acquaintance this dog may not excite general admiration and flare of enthusiasm…( E.G. Rosenberg)

Doberman and its owner

Owing to its lively temperament Doberman always put characteristic requirements to its owner. A leader of temperamental dog (any dog breed) must be always equable and govern own nerves even if his anger is enormous. 

Admires of dogs or dog sports that are prone to nervousness should choose a calmer puppy under guidance of a breeder or choose a radically more phlegmatic dog breed. By the same token they will release themselves and their dog from unnecessary anger or troubles.

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If Doberman’s owner being in conflict from time to time behaves very thriftily and punishes his young dog unjustly , then the animal will become worse very soon and often from now till doomsday. Who will be surprised if such Doberman who was brought to nonsense many times and therefore absolutely lost its heart puts its teeth into play for self-protection?
Formerly such piteous nasty dogs were very often put up to sale “by force of prevailing circumstances”  or due to other reasons.  And when a new owner also did not get along with this Doberman, the dog was sold again. So, behavioral disorders were increasing from one owner to another.

Those truly spoiled Dobermans that did not have inborn hypocrisy or craft, occasionally attached to them, resulted from wrong treatment and education on the part of a human being.
Equable person having command over himself, self-possessed in different annoying situations and who treats and trains young Doberman only step by step  and “ in dog manner”, later on such owner will have a lot of happy moments with his temperamental Doberman

His obedient and faithful dog with its lively, fervent and cheerful nature will gladden him and is not likely to give him a handle to anxiety. Here is another quotation from Schlotfeld (1909) concerning the problem of “nasty Doberman”:

"Present-day Doberman is a wicked, intelligent dog with fiery temperament and big courage, thus as if this dog were created for training by a man. In order to break a dog Doberman to good manners besides its good abilities to training the dog must get in good hands. Resentful temper and craft are the two features of this breed that are to be considered during training. Unfortunately, these dogs are permanently mismanaged by inexperienced trainers and from here one may here the opinion that Doberman may be obedient only if chained. At the start I also believed these rumors until obtained excellent training results time and again”.

When having a Doberman one should certainly consider its great demand for moving daily and in all weather, in any time-of-year.  Needless to say that basically this is related to other temperamental dog breeds as well.  Only Doberman that is in motion for long time can be well-balanced and controllable.

Before every training work requiring attention concentration a temperamental Doberman must “blow down” at first, i.e.  have possibility to run a lot. If locomotory stress is not hard enough then an owner of restless, unbalanced, awkward Doberman must know that such dog will become a burden not only for a trainer himself but also for other people (e.g. due to endless barking).

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