Deserted Dobermans need our help!


Hello! There some countries where Doberman is not a favorite dog breed and the residents of these countries even fear of Dobermans. Unfortunately nowadays you may find representatives of this breed who were deserted by their owners.

And what is the most awful that the number of deserted thoroughbred Dobermans as well as those mixed with other dog breeds hourly increases. Dobermans need help very much. So, what to do in such a situation?

Yes there are cases when Dobermans along with other dog breeds need help due to different reasons and a lot of the people responsible for that do their best to perfect the situation. This is a sore point. As for Doberman dog breed, the problem is also dramatized by light-minded interest in the breed that arises as a tribute of a style.

One’s heart bleeds for the dogs left homeless. And it is impossible to find a canned solution but special sites can prepare a group of initiative people, organize something like voluntary club on salvation of Dobermans got into trouble.

Also besides sponsors, it needs to appeal for mind and conscience of people who bring puppies needlessly and without thinking all the realities related to living with a dog and more often than not they do not have conditions for keeping of such dog breed as Doberman.

To be honest, in fact, even a common house with small sector is not a perfect territory, because a mobile dog needs space, appropriate place for walks, etc. Therefore the attitude of dog breeders who do not turn their work into systematic production of puppies, do not sell the babies to the first comers is a very good one.

Life is very difficult and beyond any formalized rules, but it is imperative to throw light on future complications before potential buyers decide to have a pet at their home. And kennels’ sites may help to solve this problem successfully.


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