Food has great influence on your Doberman's lifetime

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August, 13 2013

How is your Doberman? Does he feel good just because you are near? Yes, he does, undoubtedly. He needs your presence most, more than dainties or something else. It is one of the sweetest living beings indeed, who is extremely tender and loving as well as faithful and powerful. Besides having these best qualities Doberman looks like airy-fairy creature due to its perfect body-build and fantastic grace. He seems to have been created by God himself. Is he particular about food? Definitely, he loves meat most. All carnivores should eat animal food in order to be healthy and strong. But, there are required feeding rules to be observed by loving dog handlers. Correct food intake influences the condition of dog coat. The better meal the more shiny the hair. My important mission is to compose the menu of racy dogs so as to prevent their diseases or even trifling ailments. I have some valuable recommendations to be submitted to your consideration. I have no doubts of your Doberman's individuality and want him to be always successful therefore let us look after his adequate upbringing wherein feeding is of paramount importance.

Meal. How to feed your Doberman

Like we human beings need proper nutrition to be healthy and happy so do our beloved pets. The food your pet comsumes is in direct relationship to his life interval. It depends on you and your love for your Doberman how will he look and feel for many years of his life. Healthy dogs that weigh less than 23 kg can eat quality dry, partially dry or canned food. But if your Doberman is not too agile and rather prone to fatness than its menu must be different...

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