How to deal with aggressive dog?

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November 26, 2013









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Hope everything is well with you. I believe you do not mind my submitting you some knowledge on dog aggression. Reputed dog experts state that some dogs were bred to be guard canines. For that reason they show aggression if the necessity arises. Despite a great many investigations in the field of dog behavior it is not still a precise definition of dog aggression. Some types of dog aggression are inherited from mother dog (dominance aggression), the others are determined by endocrine profile (sexual abuse between male dogs).


Some types of dog aggression are provoked by environmental conditions or are imparted through exhaustive training. For instance, when he-dog is 3 years old, his aggression has to do with emotional maturation and is dominant in nature. Change in hormone level by means of eviration responds favorably only during sexual aggression and in this case neither mating nor surgery will be appreciably effective. Dominance aggression helps regulate relations in the pack that is your family for your pet. But the conflicts that have happened for some time past in the family are the indications of insufficient obedience of the dog and wrong communication between it and his owner.



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