Punishment for Doberman. What is it?

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No matter what we demand of Doberman it may come to life only when we manage to draw strict command execution out of the dog. Pre-condition of any animal management consequently not only Doberman but also any other dog is knowledge of case. The person, who thinks that dog must only study, labors under a delusion.

Before setting about teaching Doberman its owner should know everything about origin, behavior of his four-footed pet and how to succeed in getting along with the dog.  Again and again especially cynologists-beginners forget that their little four-footed pet is just a representative of tame running predator anyway, which they brought home and this animal has certain behavioral model, shows bigger or less temperament,  resoluteness or gentleness, and probably is more tolerant.

We notice that this little creature may be not in mood and sometimes capricious that in turn complicates development of certain behavioral peculiarities. The question is not that Doberman is “stupid” when after some continuous training it does not make some things as we want it to and as the dog itself, properly, must know as well.

Most likely the problem lies in nature of a dog that tests us for leadership ability-whether we really are appropriate to be leaders or whether dog should live with its own mind. All that is not related to subsequence self-assured Doberman will understand in its own fashion.

Obedience, however, is the most important factor to provide happy coupledom and simultaneously primary principle for following training. When working out obedience it is impossible to avoid problems and unpleasant moments for Doberman. Punishment is an experience of young dog and just too necessary in case of undesirable dog’s actions. 

But only at the moment of misconduct but not when Doberman overflown with joy returns from “absence without leave” the dog should get its lumps. Punishment is not a synonym of a stick or blow in any case, and such measures are unnecessary especially in regard to Doberman as a sensitive dog.

Appropriate methods of punishment for Doberman involve hard uttering of the command: “Out!”, shaking by withers as this is practiced in pack or termination of playing or running about.  It is just enough for the dog to be an earnest pupil very soon.

“Talk”, praise for its behavior (Hey, well done!) are of great importance for such dog that incomprehension by itself  (“ I won’t talk to it anymore”) is already an awful punishment.  Such close attention to this moment is given because in the training grounds one could often hear loud hollos, unrestrained beats that stultify Doberman in due course, destroy its credit of leader and really just prove that this “educator” does not cope with his task. 

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