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September 30, 2013

At any age Doberman looks fantastic. This dog is destined to encourage attention and make people thrill with delight when seeing it in the street. Little or big Doberman - it does not matter - his beauty is obvious - perfect body proportions and attractive hair color. This canine does not only handsome he has a strong nature as well. This dog is not a friend of every person - he chooses a true leader, a strong and straightforward person that knows how to deal with Dobermans. Originating in Germany this canine was primarily used as a watchdog and a pet . Later on, when his great capacity for training was discovered the animal became popular as war and police dog.  

We can't be owners of Doberman breed if we do not have plenty of time for his education. Impatient persons should also keep away from this alert, fearless, loyal and intelligent dog. When you raise this dog you must never forget that you chose a Doberman as a pet - provide special conditions for him, make it possible for him to run and jump to his heart's content, do not pamper him too much - a really loving owner makes his dog work hard. Dobermans should work in order to feel happy. It is their industrious German nature that as nervous as a watch. Busy dog is a satisfied dog. Let us know more about place of Doberman birth.

Apolda - Place of Doberman's birth. It is interesting to know  

Germany has a small town called Apolda, it is a natal place of Doberman - this great dog that was born right there. One day, in this town it was a fair of various dogs. It was hard to find pedigreed dogs then as none took up selection and professional pedigreed breeding. The dogs existing there were primarily admixtures of butchers' dogs, hunters' dogs and shepherds' dogs. This fair was carried out by "Union for improvement of dogs breeds in Apolda" - the only organization working at pedigree breeding. The dogs presened on the fair were divided into types in order to facilitate a choice of the dogs for buyers. Apolda is a cradle of Doberman breed that keeps memory on history of honorary canine. In the late 19th century, in Apolda, Louis Dobermann developed bred of working dog - Doberman... 

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