Health of Domerman depends on quality food

How to feed Doberman and what is the menu?

There is a direct relation between the feeding of your Doberman and duration of its life:  it depends on how correct you feed your dog and how its food goes with requirements of its body. Also the food plays an important role in happiness of the dog: specifically, whether Doberman will be healthy and full of pith or its life will be full of endless health problems.

Good healthy dogs weighting less than 23 kg are allowed to eat quality dry, partly dried and canned food. Adult Dobermans whose weight exceeds 23 kg must eat quality dry food enabling periodontology and odontopathy prevention and keeping large dogs from getting fat.

Majority of dry feeding-stuffs contain little fat therefore they are more low-calorie. In turn low calory food has a favorable effect on physical state of Doberman altogether, because large dogs have lower energetic requirements per mass unit than small dog breeds do.

Simultaneously, in order to avoid fatty degeneration you should reduce amount of partly dried and canned food in the menu of large Dobermans. If your Doberman is not very quick and furthermore is fattiness-prone, then its menu must contain higher level of cellulose but caloric value of the food is to be lowered.
However you may not feed adult dogs with the food designed for puppies or fostering bitches because these feed-stuffs contain a lot of calories, protein, phosphorus, calcium and other mineral substances. If these feeding-stuffs are used during short time period then they are not likely to have deleterious influence on dog health.

But long use of these may lead to fattiness. Again, a great number of protein, phosphorus and calcium may cause different diseases including kidney disease that is very dangerous to Doberman’s life. In addition you should not change feeding-stuffs as a well-balanced dietary of Doberman is quite enough for the dog to be healthy.

And a bowl with clean fresh water must be always near the dish of food. If there is a necessity to change the menu, then you should do it gradually and during several days. Otherwise, when feeding-stuffs are changed suddenly, Doberman may have vomit or diarrhea.

But in general digestive upsets may be observed in dogs even when different packages of the same ready food are used. Therefore you are recommended to feed Doberman with high quality food which ingredients are always the same.


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