What are the reasons of dog aggression?

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January 28, 2014


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    The problem of dog aggression can touch the dog of any breed - the difference is in the amount of damage this aggressive canine can cause. Major factors that can lead to a dog aggression, including anxiety, fear or phobia, lack of structure, a traumatic experience, territorial behavior, abuse from owners. So how can you overcome this problem? Experts recommend several things:


- First of all, you had better consult a specialist. The problem won't go by itself, that's why it requires professional work.

- Secondly, you are recommended to take precautions, because you don't want your pet to harm other people or animals, do you? Always keep an eye on your dog, get him wear necessary outfit while visiting public places, try to avoid situations in which your dog will behave aggressively.

- And, finally, do not punish your Doberman. It will not help solve the problem, it will only make it even worse. By punishing your dog, you start to motivate his aggression by fear and it can lead to a bite or more severe attacks. 



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