Cropped ears make Doberman look stunning

Set of Doberman’s ears

When buying a two- or three-month Doberman puppy we get it together with conducted medical procedures. The puppy is vaccinated; its ears and tail are cut short. And if new owners do not have any problems with Doberman’s tail then the ears require a lot of care and attendance, but the most important is to work with them for long time in order after ear cropping a veterinarian may set them correctly and put into proper shape.

It is a known fact that properly cropped ears always beautify the head and face of Doberman altogether. It is high time to know several practical recommendations on set of the ears staring from the first day when a veterinarian-cosmetologist cropped them. For one thing, acquire a special “frame-crown”, light metallic construction that is necessary for setting of Doberman’s ears but mostly for licking the ears into shape.

The seam that appears during cutoff of the ear, that is, properly, “ear cropping” , when skinning over braces the edge and deforms the ear preventing it from standing up. Up to the complete cicatrization, it is better to treat the cut edge with brilliant green. In order to set “the crown” you will need two plaster strips, 13-15 cm long, elastic roller, surgical bandage, absorbent cotton.

Preparation of the crown

The crown is a metallic very strong construction which you:
  1. First of all try it on and adjust in accordance with Doberman’s head size, and if it is necessary bend or unbend the part that is put on the head. (Photo 1,2)
  2. Then you should wrap the metallic base with elastic (usual) fascia (with absorbent cotton) in order the metal should not traumatize head skin and adjust “the crown” in accordance with the size of Doberman’s head when needed. (Photo 1,2)
  3. Then using usual fascia you are making a strap-binding that will help to hold “the crown” on Doberman’s head. You may use a broad (1,5-2 cm) tape or a shirring fixed on the both sides. Putting this construction on the puppy’s head you should take its ear by the point and without applying force pull it to the upper plank of “crown”, the one half of plaster’s strip you should attach to the inside face of the ear, then lay the strip over the upper plank and attach to the outside face at that carefully pressing the plaster thus making it fast throughout the length.

    All the same you do with the other ear making sure that the points of Doberman’s ears are on a par with each other and the crown “sits exactly”. (Photo 3,4,5,6,7,8)
  4. After that string the strap under Doberman’s throat but not tightly. With the crown on its head Doberman puppy can be during 7-8 days, whereupon you should take it off and let the ears rest for one or two hours and then al the procedure must be repeated again. (Photo 9). When the seams have been removed and the edges of the ears have healed up it is possible to choose not wear the crown and set about gluing the Doberman’s ears.

  5. One of the ways to glue the ears.


    Hydrogen peroxide, soft paper napkins, two sponges (for example “ Tampax”), court plaster, 2.5 cm wide, on paper basis.

    Preparation of materials:

    First of all cut and lay out 9 strips of sticking plaster: two in 5 cm, four in 25 cm, two in 10 cm, one in 30 cm all the sizes are approximate and all depends on your knack and, properly, ear length of your Doberman puppy.

    Preparation of sponges:
    1. Remove paper packing.
    2. Insert one barrel into the other and cut off the thread.
    3. Put the barrel back (one into the other) so as the edge of the sponge may be seen on the one side.

    The strip of the plaster, 5 cm long, should be applied around on the junction of the barrels binding them. continue reading this article please click on here...


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