Mass media often spreads rumours about Doberman

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Question #2

Is Doberman worth bringing home? Is this dog difficult to manage and how much is a good Doberman puppy though all of them look amazingly. It is not important for me to have Doberman puppy with pedigree, I want to have a puppy for own pleasure in order that while watching it I would always want to stroke it but nowadays due to high prices you primarily have to think over whether to have dog or not. Thanks in advance.  


You are right. It needs to reflect on the situation and not to hurry to purchase a dog.

As a matter of fact you should know the following:
  1. A puppy is not a thing for amusement it is an alive creature that requires attention, work, patience, ethical, physical, temporary and financial expenses from its owner. A dog has the right to be treated humanly (!) and that in turn imposes a great responsibility on dog owner (at the more so in regard to such dog breed as Doberman) including juridical one. Owing to continuous campaign against dog owners that mass medium shows, it is quite useful to pay attention to an a social climate worsening because of that  as well as growth of impatience of the best part of population to domestic animals usually, and to large/working dog breeds in particular. Therefore do not hope that the wider public will be sold on your good-looker Doberman, more often-quite the opposite way.
  2. You will not have to spend supernatural amounts of money to register a pedigree for your dog, normally none of dog breeders sell puppies without pedigree therefore it is not clear what all this talk is about. You should buy a dog together with properly registered documents for it and only from official dog breeders otherwise you are acquiring a pig in a poke but not a Doberman puppy. Anyway, health of animal should be of importance even if you do not plan to participate in benches. Dogs and puppies without documents are underbred samples or lost/stolen and therefore must be returned to their legal owner.  

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