Teasing Doberman is the same as being on thin ice


Question: Is this dog breed very aggressive? I want to have a kind dog for myself. And I care neither for the price nor for the pedigree of Doberman.

Answer: Highly-developed mentality is peculiar to Dobermans and due to that characteristic, individual differences of every dog are various.  It is important to approximate to the choice of Doberman puppy by means of behavioral tests, listen to dog breeder’s opinion and buy the dog not from accidental breeders but in Kennel.

In whole this breed is not aggressive, but Dobermans claim for attention mostly due to their mobility and hot temperament. If you do not set this dog at a figurant and exasperate then Doberman gets along with family members too well, Dobermans-males love kids but Dobermans-females may show indifference, temper and jealousy of children.

If there are little kids in house one should be careful at all accounts, because children do not understand behavior of dogs and may occasionally provoke an attack. All Dobermans need proper and permanent training, education and “correct public conduct”.

Being unusually smart and able to study, Doberman is not one of those dogs that can easily taught “to play it cool”- do not forget that it is not a fancy but working dog breed with all that implies. Under unfavorable circumstances Doberman may be of serious hazard to the wider public.

Specifically this has relation to large males that are extremely powerful. Some individuals are quite human-friendly, sometimes may show sharp aggression, cruel impatience towards small animals such as cats, dogs and others. Doberman is not quite suitable for dwelling in house.

One may even say that Doberman is mainly a manor dog. In spite of the fact that Doberman is a good guardian and excellent copartner during pastime it is unable to live outside in a booth in moderate climate due to its sensibility not only to cold but also to heat.

It is totally forbidden to put Doberman on the leash!!! This dog needs qualitative feeding and in good supply. Concluding, only those people are recommended to have Doberman whose financial health is good and social status is stable and who have home on their own and its territory is securely fenced where Doberman may pass the time having the opportunity to get home for meal, rest and sleep. Off leash walks of Dobermans are not allowed beyond the specified territory and especially in town. 

Before having Doberman puppy it is imperative (as required by humanity and for the sake of your well-being) to read a couple of good books on this dog breed and face-to-face have a word with dog owners who have been keeping Dobermans for long time.

Otherwise you risk of committing an inconsiderate act which you will regret bitterly in future. Under no circumstances you should acquire Doberman for underage kid (it does not occur to you that you’d present a service pistol to your baby).

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