Responsible dog owner is able to bring up an excellent Doberman

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Doberman wants to give its aspiration for progress free range and must get various tasks from owner because training may only result in development of elegant, athletic shape.  The dog won’t esteem it a job on the contrary Doberman is always happy to be in contact its owner whom it appreciates above all and on whom it sets heart.

If you follow basic rules Doberman may turn to be an indispensible friend and guardian. Due to its very strong need in contact Doberman show high intelligence and carefully watches a leader. Therefore this dog is ready to perceive different signals at any time but the signals given by “pack leader” are of prime importance for Doberman.

Though such attention is necessary for every dog but in conjunction with exceptional combinational ability certain requirements are placed on dog’s educator as well. That person who wants to raise Doberman primarily must keep one’s temper.

You may apologize to the wider public for wrong behavior but Doberman does not understand word “Please, excuse me”. Therefore any incorrect actions of dog educator logically mean strengthening of wrong connections.  The more willingly Doberman learns the stronger connections but Doberman may be considered a very clever dog.

In the first instance an educator should have self-possession, love for Doberman, comprehension and knowledge of dog nature’s peculiarities, enormous patience and iron sequence!
This means also that future dog owner needs to learn temperamental attributes of Doberman before working out a training program in order to study how to treat this Doberman-whether it has gentle or strong nature. 

Irrespective of what we want to teach the dog and what we expect it to do, actions  are to be not only effective but at the same time corresponding to  dog nature. Doberman must realize that its educator is a friend and not a tyrant - devotion must not be cracked!!

At that a person must not be very timid; in pack of wild dogs a growing puppy very soon gets not very tender education from he-dog, precise boundaries of coupledom are being established and position of a leader is definitely specified.

So, young wolves almost already at maturation surely comprehend all the rules. A wrong position from time to time accepted by many dog owners who allow their Doberman puppies do everything the latter want in the first months of their life and encourage any mischief of little pets as something sweet but later on such dog owners face many troubles connected with correction of dog behavior and more often than not use severe punishment during the process. 

The habits which we form in Doberman must be in correspondence with its development and nature; however, the earlier the dog gains relevant experience the faster it learns necessary things. 

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