A strict education program (“hard hand”) in point of Doberman

Management and education of Doberman

The first life year is determinative for development of Doberman as well as other dog breeds and considerably affects their remaining lifetime. During this very important period of life each young animal learns outward things (people, street traffic, loud noise, congener in appearance, cats and etc.) develops or naturalizes, so to say becomes social, as behaviorists name this stage.

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If we want to raise a sociable, good-natured, unhazardous for the wider public Dobermans, we should take it along everywhere and contribute a lot of time to the dog. All that will be missed out during this period will be impossible to overtake afterwards. The more frequent contact between young Doberman and its owner the stronger trust relations and therefore the easier education of such dog.

Containment of young Doberman dog in an open-air cage away from other dogs and people is a big mistake that is almost excluded while keeping the dog at home.  Considering that Doberman and a man have possibility to communicate better and more often when living in the same dwelling, house dogs often have the bulge on those kept in open-air cages. The stronger trust relations the easier it will to make Doberman a guard or a trace dog.

Besides, while keeping Doberman in house the dog becomes a family member.  Doctor Scheffler basing on true achievements of zoophysiology points out that first years of Doberman’s life are very important for the dog’s further development.  A strict education program (“hard hand”) that is offered in regard to Doberman over and over again is absolutely inapplicable to not only this breed but also to other existing dog breeds.

If a tamer of preys in circus attempted to train his pet following the program “hard hand”, he would be likely to die very soon, because it is well-known fact that the teeth of wildcat are much “harder” than a human hand.  Beating spoils any dog including Doberman. From here in order to educate- to train- to drill all animals you should learn and pursue the following rule: basis of success is carefully well-thought-out and understood sequence, which is to be always coupled with love for animals.

We must not demand a great deal of our pet (especially something it does not master yet), but Doberman must obediently and always execute each our command and under any circumstances.  In order to achieve this one should be very patient first of all.  Persistence has nothing to do with “hard hand”.  Someone who is on the edge of purchasing Doberman of course will never regret about this decision. 

However, one should previously reflect on the choice of Doberman: whether this very dog is very temperamental, industrious; whether it needs to move a lot and looks for close contact with people keeping it at home and this contact is surely necessary for its optimal development chiefly concerning its mental characteristics.

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