Graceful canine creature is Doberman

Todays Doberman is one of the most popular dog breeds. Scant combination of perfect silhouette line with alive glance and charisma, short smooth shiny hair; carnelian, strictly outlined tan-all this set of characteristics allows to name Doberman a luxurious dog. To the point, the minutest particulars and features of the breed are strongly regulated due to standard approved by ICO (International Canine Organization), # 143-a.

Strong nerves, inborn bravery, reasonable wickedness, excellent investigative abilities, acute power of scent, sight, hearing that are essential qualities of a working dog and they accomplish in the Doberman. This dog is very quick-witted and high on the list of “intellectual” hierarchy among the other dog representatives. 
Admirers and experts of the breed make well-founded statements that Doberman is a many-sided and extraordinary individual. But valid development and evolution of this individual is possible only in healthy micro-climate, if hedging the dog round with care and attention, patience and energy.

Only in this case a sweet blimp-puppy will make a fearless guardian and watchful defender, true friend but not a servant, ideal companion, worker.Exceptional intelligence of the dog, permanent willingness for communication, indefatigability during work, unselfish devotion to its owner and family produce no mere admiration but genuine respect.

The eldest Italian breeder Vittorio Bologna told about Doberman by line and level: “Musical instrument, which can be easily distuned in the hands of bad musician. It is as much as to giving Stradivarius violin to nundinal fool”.However, nervous system, nature, behavior, user value, body type, exterior of Doberman trigger the most contradictory opinions.

As a rule, only those people are able to criticize the breed, who have the most cursory knowledge on this dog. Yet, it is fair to admit that the accusations are not always groundless. Unskillful education, wrong training, disregarding such important for breeder qualities as character and mind, afford grounds for critic.

Modern European type of Doberman suggests big muscle bulk before all, general thickness and even massiveness, strong skeleton, constitution immensity (this is called “good substance”), big head with mighty jaws, wide arch chest, articulation of limbs has right angles, brightness and intensity of color, freedom and productivity of movements.
Up-to-date sameness of “weight categories” of Doberman and Rottweiler, similarity of natures, color identity is quite explainable: forefathers of Doberman together with the other dog breeds were also foregoers of modern Rottweilers.


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