Breed History

Doberman Breed History

By fat not an every breed is honorable to be called in the name of its creator. Freidrich  Louis Doberman was born in 1834, January 2 in Apolda. He is known to have been a tax- and rent collector. It is obvious, that peculiarities of his job and anxiety to have a “special” breed with very certain abilities worked for breeding the dogs with short, smooth hair.

These dogs were enduring, intelligent; they were not afraid of shots, awake and devoted companions willing to accompany their owners without a moment’s hesitation and fight for their owners’ interests. It is assumed that Doberman started the purposeful work on rearing “his” dog breed from 1860.

Unfortunately, there are no remaining records on the selection: its directions, obtained results, the breeds used.One may suggest that first breeds were German Pincher, Rottweiler (a butcher’s dog), shepherd dogs-beaucerons, some hunting dogs such as shoot-woolled gun dogs, Manchester terrier, greyhound.  Besides, bastards of these breeds were used if they met exterior and behavioral criterions, the criterions which Doberman wanted to find in his dogs.

Many experts of the day regarded Doberman’s idea of embodying an ideal of a tracker dog into a new breed useless and Doberman himself in the eyes of them was just a self-asserting layman. However… Foremost dogs with their ears and tails cut short were being bred by Doberman. They were named “Thüringer Pinschers”, “Army-police” or “Gendarme” dogs, but in daily use their names were: “Shnupp” or “Speck”.

These dogs were gained popularity fast due to their individual abilities, high guard-watch instinct and obedience. Later on, cytologist Otto Haller went in for selection and breeding for long time. A homotypic stock already appeared in city Apolda in Thuringia by 70 s. Followers of F. L. Doberman such as Goswin Tishler and Otto Goeller had played a prominent role in breed development.

They gained worldwide recognition. The first club for admirers of this breed was founded in city Apolda. The breed standard contained the following records: “Doberman is noted for devotion and fearlessness; it has strong nervous system, vigilance and courage. Owing to its grown intellect, its inborn wickedness, excellent instinct, amazing working capacity and obedience, it is very easily trainable.

It can be not only a good domestic dog but also a tracker dog” Doberman is an elegant, honorable dog with well-developed guard and investigative qualities. On account of these characteristics, Doberman has gained world recognition and fame. This dog is valued for sagacity, endless dedication to its owner; fearlessness and reliability during guardianship.


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