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Brand Leather Doberman Leash Decorated with Braids and Studs

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Smart Leather Dog Leash for Dobermans, partially braided , tastefully studded, well-made in one word..

First time invention of dog leash has kept a high profile of dog experts! This leash has absolutely new design – revolutionary one – resulted from long investigations of the demands and expectations of quite different contingent of adherents of Doberman dog breed. Summing up the preferences our makers have created a best looking canine accessory but invested it with most desirable qualities possible for perfect dog equipment. This new leash is Fancy Leather Lead made of full grain leather and hand braided on both ends for added durability to the snap hook and handle. Choosing this particular leash you start owning several leashes at once as this leash is a combination of best qualities to be highly sought in every dog leash.

Dog handlers always look for dependability and safety in dog goods. This leather leash is an ideal example of these and any other precious qualities that you discover independently as you apply it during your dog’s education. Highly recommended for dog training and pet walking, this leash has continuous benefits. You won’t do without it if you try it just for several times. Your dog’s training will be a success always with this leash. Handmade by our craftsmasters this leash is worth much… It is an invaluable piece of art, genuine masterpiece, piece of equipment, and so on and on..Desire to know more details on this product? It is easy to provide right away. Be patient when reading the following lines and your idea of dog equipment will be clear. Our dog supplies for Dobermans are wanted and adored. Buy now Hand Braided Doberman Breed Leather Leash if you are disappointed with your previous purchases from other dealers.

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Unique leather dog lead

Stylish leather dog leash with look rusted hemispheric studs

Universal leather leash for large dogs

Doberman dog leash has convenient durable handle and snap hook

Key features of this Doberman Leash:

  • Best cow hide - manually selected
  • Aggreeable to the touch natural material
  • Decorative brass rivets
  • Rust resistant brass hardware
  • Solid snap hook
  • Braided on both ends
  • 3/4 inch wide leather
  • Convenient leather loop for grasp
  • Increased durability
  • Oiled for flexibility and longer service time

Intended use of this Doberman Lead:

  • Controlling large dogs
  • Pleasant walks
  • Dog training
  • Tracking/tracing
  • Patrolling/guarding

Sizes available:

  • 2 ft (60 cm)
  • 3 ft (90 cm)
  • 4 ft (120 cm)
  • 5 ft (150 cm)
  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

Be sure of high quality of all our production as only best specialists have the right to manufacture it. What to begin with?

Leather.. this natural material has always been in demand. Today you may get dog leash made from superior leather. We use full grain leather for it. It is famous for sturdiness but softness, flexibility but resistance to stretch, great look but wearing property.

This sort of leather is considered to be the best one. It is constructed from excellent cow hides and duly worked to have smooth and soft surfaces. This leather can breathe – it means that your dog skin will be breathing too when done up in our leathern products. Breathability of this leather has nothing to do with the current issue as now we are dealing with the product for tracking and tracing work. This article almost does not contact with your dog’s skin. This Hand Braided Doberman Breed Leather Leash is a superb make for thoroughbred dogs.

Adornment of this leash looks great. Beautiful hemispheric studs are arranged from one side – near snap hook. They are inserted at even intervals and fixed with high quality rivets. Braided on both ends leather looks fantastically. Also, the braiding was made for extra strength of the leash.

Mean of connection. Solid brass snap hook is easily attached to a collar. When clasped the hook holds securely the joint so you must not be afraid of easy hook’s unlocking that is possible only with your involvement. The hook is made of strong brass alloy therefore its breakage is excluded.

Designer development of experienced makers. This leather leash is a handmade product. Many qualified manufacturers worked at its design and production. Every millimeter of this article was not disregarded - we considered the smallest part when creating this sophisticated managing tool for large dog breeds. We have no other pet products except for those that are made to order. Valuable proof of our words is this Hand Braided Doberman Breed Leather Leash. It is exclusive dog gear meant for different canine activities.

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