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Doberman Dog Bite Sleeve for Basic Training


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French Linen Bite Sleeve for Training Young Doberman

Do you make the first steps in training your Doberman? Good equipment is a must have when you start bite work with a young dog.
Try this French linen sleeve to make your training safe and effective. This basic sleeve is made of very durable synthetic material (the same as the material used in body bite suits). It has ideal wide and soft bite zone to keep the dog well concentrated and interested in biting.
French linen bite sleeve is a great tool when starting out young dogs!

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Doberman dog training sleeve with convenient handles

Dog training sleeve, extra durable bite surface

Key features of this Doberman Puppy Sleeve:

  • Quality soft French Linen
  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Extra durable bite surface
  • Soft interior
  • Outside and inside handles
  • D-ring for better functionality
  • Ambidextrous
  • Wall hang loop

Intended use of this Doberman Puppy Sleeve:

  • Introduction to bite work
  • Working on bite
  • Getting your puppy into bite game
Doberman dog sleeve of Strong French Linen material

Quality soft French Linen Sleeve for basic bite training

When your puppy grows up to 6 months, it starts to open his jaw enough to bite the man’s arm. This is a high time to start engaging him in bite work. This great training sleeve is the first soft arm to use with your puppy after tug training before intermediate bite arm.
This bite sleeve has outside handle that allows to conduct off the arm training, and inside handles that provides you with better grip. Light weight makes this sleeve extra mobile and won’t let you get exhausted while training.

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