• Model: PBB6J1017 Advanced Bite Builder made of Jute

"Two-Fisted" Doberman Dog Professional Training Bite Developer of Jute


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Bite Builder with Replaceable Cover for Young and Adult Dobermans

Check this excellent training supply equipped with replaceable cover! It’s so convenient to change one if necessary. Taking into account this feature, the Bite Developer is literally everlasting!
Pay attention, that one jute cover is already included to the price and you will get it if you order this reliable bite developer.

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Doberman dog training bite builder with firmly stitched outside handle

Doberman Dog bite developer with replaceable jute cover

Key features of this Doberman Dog Training Bite Developer:

  • Natural jute material
  • Round padded inside handle
  • Round soft outside handle
  • Extra durable
  • Properly padded
  • Replaceable cover

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Training Bite Developer:

  • Advanced bite training
  • Building full bite grip
  • Building better position grip


  • Jute

Available colors:

  • May vary
Doberman dog bite builder with replaceable jute cover

Bite Builder for building Doberman's full bite grip

Do not miss this offer! it’s a really good supply to start bite training or continue training at a high level.

The outside handle is made of tough durable heavy nylon that is reliably stitched into the tug. The inside hidden handle is hard rounded. Both handles allow you to easily regulate bite angle.

This bite builder with replaceable cover is a nice step up from working the dogs' mouth open from the roller bite tug. It is quite soft so a young dog can take a big bite and durable enough to withstand strong bites.

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