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Young Doberman Training Bite Sleeve of Natural Jute


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Strong Soft Dog Sleeve for Young Doberman Training

Do you train your young Doberman for professional work or want to bring up a true defender? This strong jute bite sleeve is designed specially for young Dobermans. It will help you to prepare your dog for the IPO sleeve for adult dogs. It’s ideal to teach a good, firm and full grip.
The sleeve is made lightweight to provide you with mobility and durable to serve long. Train your pet with more convenience and with confidence in your supplies!

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Doberman dog training sleeve with convenient outside and inside handles

Doberman Dog Jute training sleeve, excellent design

Key features of this Young Doberman Training Bite Sleeve:

  • Quality soft jute
  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Extra durable bite surface
  • Soft interior
  • Outside and inside handles
  • Ambidextrous
  • Wall hang loop

Intended use of this Young Doberman Training Bite Sleeve:

  • Introduction to bite work
  • Working on bite
  • Getting your puppy into bite game
Doberman dog sleeve of Strong natural Jute material

Lightweight sleeve for Doberman puppy/ young dog

Made of very durable jute material, this sleeve is perfect for use with puppies or young dogs. It features outside and inside handles to help tug against the dog. The inside handle is hard with a soft covering to provide a helper with maximum control during bite work. The outside handle is made of soft nylon for additional convenience. The sleeve is also ambidextrous, so you will be able to use it on either right or left arm.

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