• Model: HS63#1017 50135 010 (55) Pinch Collar 2.25mm

Doberman Dog Stainless Steel Pinch Collar

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Prong Collar with Swivel and Quality Label for Doberman

Buy new top notch quality Herm Sprenger pinch collar! This Stainless Steel collar will highly improve the level of training your Doberman. Due to thick diameter of the prongs this device is proper for training even young dogs.
The material it’s made of is considered to be one of the strongest metals. It’s corrosion-free, has high breaking load and will serve for long. The red label on the item confirms that this Collar is made by professionals and belongs to First-class products.

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Doberman dog collar with swivel ring

Doberman dog pinch collar made of high-quality stainless steel

Doberman dog collar for easy and non-painful education

Dog pinch collar of stainless steel, German quality

Key features of this Doberman Dog Pinch Collar:

  • Super effective training tool
  • Attractive design with center plate
  • Rust-resistant
  • Red tag that proves HS quality

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Pinch Collar:

  • Obedience training
  • Everyday activities


  • 16 inches (41 cm)
  • Weight - 2.8 oz (80 g)


  • Stainless steel

How to measure this Dog Collar for your Doberman:

The size of this Pinch Collar is 16 inches (41 cm) with the diameter of prongs 2.25 mm.

If your dog's neck circumference is above 16 inch (41 cm), you can order an additional link, that will add 1 1/5 inch (3 cm) to the total collar length. You can easily add or remove links to make collar smaller or bigger. For this purpose you don’t have to use special tools.

Other sizes of this pinch collar are available:
3.25 mm (1/8 inch) - diameter of the prongs, 10 links - quantity of links, 23 inch (58 cm) - overall length of the collar
3.99 mm (1/6 inch) - diameter of the prongs, 10 links - quantity of links, 25 inch (65 cm) - overall length of the collar

In addition, you can order Nylon removable protector for this pinch collar, that will:
- reduce contacts with water
- protect from excessive light reflection
- make the collar less noisy
- change its overall look.

Safety measures:
- To put this Metal Collar on your dog’s neck you will need to unhook one of the links, put the collar around the neck and then hook it up again.
- Never try to put the collar over the dog’s head, because the links may cause injury.
- Please, don’t leave your dog alone when wearing a Neck Tech Collar!
- Make sure that this pinch collar perfectly fits your dog, it should not be bigger as well as very tight, otherwise it can cause various types of problems.
- And remember! If properly used, a prong collar is one of the most humane and effective training tools.

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