Doberman's puppy

Do you need a puppy? Then you should know how to choose that of Doberman breed.

When choosing a puppy of Doberman you had better address to Kennel Club to be advised by a dog breeder and to see all litter. Indeed it is not a secret that a male-champion is frequently paired with bitches of different quality and you can’t be sure that all the puppies will resemble their Doberman-father.

The owners of excellent pedigreed Doberman-bitches value own dog and reputation very much to mate her with ordinary Doberman-male. But here you may encounter the other problem: in pursuit of profit a bitch may be paired during every estrual period and that in turn infects not only the health of the bitch herself but also the quality of the puppies born.

So, be careful when you see the phrases of advertisement saying: “an excellent sire..etc”. It is worth seeing with your own eyes that already born litter and make sure of the assessments got at the exhibitions.

You should buy a Doberman puppy which is 1.5 months old not a younger one. Never believe the sonorous titles contained in advertisements. You should ask for documentary proof as for the seller’s words.

Doberman is an athletic dog and if you love sport than you won’t be likely to find better partner. So, after deciding why you buy Doberman puppy you should make sure that this puppy is healthy. The defaults are: white spots, light eyes, crooked limbs, etc. Make sure that it is no hernia in the puppy. 

Hernia is not an abnormality but it is undesirable. A good Doberman puppy must have dark eyes, almost squire corpus, too long neck, good skeleton, wide back; the head mush have broad jaws, the chin is to be well defined, lines of forehead and muzzle are to be parallel to each other ideally, the elbows are to be well lined up, chest is wide.

The advantage of Doberman puppy appearance is a bright tan that says about good immunity.  A healthy Doberman puppy has a good appetite, clear eyes and shiny hair. Such puppy is moderately tallowy, active and cheerful. The bite is to be regular. The number of teeth is to correspond to the age of a puppy.

Ask the seller how old is the Doberman-bitch. It is recommended to pair the bitch when she is 18 months old and not earlier. A dog breeder that is fond of dog breeding is very much interested in the destiny of his puppy. He is sure to ask you whether you have the experience in handling of just this dog breed and whether it is possible for to manage Doberman.

Such breeder wants his Doberman puppy to be in good hands. Moreover if you are a beginner he will render you invaluable service later on. He will eagerly answer any of your questions, will help in problem solving that may appear during keeping of Doberman.
So, you should go by the following direction while choosing a Doberman puppy:

  • Behavior. A puppy must be healthy, active, very much alive and crafty.
  • Weight. 30 days-old puppy of Doberman among 5-8 littermates must weigh from 3.0 to 4.0 kg.
  • Head. Lines of forehead and muzzle must be parallel to each other.
  • Teeth. The bite is regular, the tushes are “locked”.
  • Eyes. Dark, clear, almond-shaped.
  • Neck. Very long.
  • Corpus. Almost squire.
  • Back. Preferably wide but not saggy.
  • Shoulders. Inclined, well lined up elbows.
  • Chest. Deep, moderately wide.
  • Limbs. Without curvature and deformation of joints.
  • Paws. Round, arched, dewclaws are to be removed.
  • Tail. Cut short at the level of the second vertebra, clean, healthy.


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