This article is full of epithets dedicated to the Doberman

What features of Doberman move deeply, what is the secret of its attractiveness, why this breed has a lot of admirers all around the world? Why there are no people to be indifferent to this dog, why it is put on celluloid, music videos more often than the other dog breeds? There are books, poems about Doberman.

Why its popularity does not decrease and thousands of admirers–recruits giving this breed their love and preference-continue to become infected by a “bug” of Doberman? Doesn’t this happen because a human nature subconsciously longs for harmony and perfection, beauty, organic unity of ideal shape and deep content?  

Open and pure soul, active nature-Doberman always and everywhere rushes to be the first and the most darling. Handsome and intelligent, having almost human psyche, all-purpose for usage, Doberman is dog-leader, dog-paradox, accomplished creature of nature and person, one of the most respectable and popular dog breeds in the world….

There are not enough to continue a long succession and comparisons in order to discover the essence of the phenomenon to the full the name of which is Doberman! This dog is a pattern of an ideal dog: perfect proportions, fascinating appearance, agile mind, sincerity and devotion are honed to perfection in the Doberman by efforts of stock-breeders and dog breeders.

And if a human being is considered to be a king of nature, wreath of creation, then made by him Doberman is the brightest star in accompanying a man the world of dogs! Only creative people, strong and emotional individuals with developed taste; those delicately feeling the strings of its soul and having ability "to play this Stradivarius violin" masterly were and are beside this dog.

The fame of matchless detective, police dog, dog-rescuer, self-forgetful dependable guardian, and, finally, the achievements of military dog-a participant of Second World War… Image of Doberman is spiritualized by legends and, at first sight, anecdotic stories.  And the dog itself is a legend.  Its historical and enforced by culture reputation of “dog-devil”, “dog-killer” is running ahead of it.

As a result, it is difficult to picture to oneself  a dare-devil who is able to take the chance to worry a grown person or a child if it is Doberman near them, which in fact is a kindly soul by its nature and is never going “to tear somebody  to pieces” without a reason.

But one need to know that guarding qualities deposited inside Doberman and advanced due to correct education and training will appear with all strength and power if a real danger for its owner develops. There is no another way: evil must be punished… 


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