• Model: TT18#1017 Sound ball 9 cm

'Sound Soccer' Doberman Rubber Ball with Squeake


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Great Soccer Style Rubber Ball for Train and Play with your Doberman

Are you bored? Arrange a simple soccer game with your doberman and your mood will immediately boost.
Dogs respond to moving objects with interest, especially if they emit sounds. Our funny ball with squeaker will certainly entice your pet and will help in developing his agility skills. You will not notice how fast the time goes when playing with amusing thing. Оur rubber ball will make your games not only fun but also safe.

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Doberman dog training ball that makes sound when squeezed

Solid water floating rubber ball with squeaker inside

Doberman Dog durable rubber ball of dog-friendly materials

Great ball with enclosed squeaker for added enjoyment

Key features of this Doberman Dog Training Ball:

  • High performance
  • Durable, tough rubber
  • Enclosed squeaker for added enjoyment
  • Great soccer style image

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Training Ball:

  • Perfect for fetch and retrieve
  • Training
  • Interactive play

Size of ball:

  • Diameter 3 1/2 inches (9 cm)

Colors available:

  • Black-&-white

Our “soccer ball” for playing and training with your pet is safe and reliable. It is made of durable tough rubber, that is non-toxic and is extremely difficult to bite through.
The ball is rather big - 3 ½ inch (9cm) in diameter. It means that adult doberman can play “soccer” without obstacles. Moreover, the ball makes sound when squeezed, so that your dog would catch, bite and fetch it with more interest.
We are confident that your loyal companion will love this ball. Take it everywhere and spend more time together with your dobe!

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