• Model: TE43#1017 Leather Bite Rag

Select Leather Bite Rag with handle for Puppy training


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Select Leather Bite Rag with handle for Puppy training

Select Leather Bite Rag with handle for Puppy training

Long 24 Inch (60 cm)

Wide 3 - 4 inches (7 cm to 10cm)

So you want to start training your puppy, ha?
This might be the begging of the long exciting journey.
But before your dog is grown to be big tough  dog, you should start with bite rag.
Before tugs, before puppy sleeve, first thing first.

While this rag might appear as very simple item to make, the real deal is that it involves
good certain leather material, appropriate shape cutting, and correct size loop handle.

We do it right way and you can enjoy first steps in training your puppy like real pro.

Teach your dog basics with soft leather bite rag.
Grab well stitched nylon loop handle and play with your puppy to teach confidence in first bites.

Bite rag will help you to stimulate prey drive at the early stage, you can also release bite rag for reward.
You can attach it to longer rope or leash. (be careful with leash, because of the metal snap).

General "Woof" Tip: Is your dog still a puppy? Well I always recommend to get one of our economic solution training products. We make very nice low price good quality dog training equipment, bite tugs, sleeves, pillows,leather collars, muzzles, leashes and harnesses. Please note, that when you get some products while your dog is not fully grown, it might lead to the situation when your dog will outgrow a muzzle, harness or a collar. This is why it is preferable to provide age and breed of your dog when you place the order.

Avoid too heavy sturdy leather as it might be discouraging to bite and does not make prey movement, intensive enough to interest your puppy.

Training you Doberman puppy with Leather Bite Rag with handle

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