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Doberman Puppy Training Set of three Strong Jute Tugs and FREE Dog Rubber Ball


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Set of Jute Dog Bite Tugs for Effective Training Your Doberman Puppy

Do you want to grow a real guard dog out of your little Dobe? Or you want to prepare him for police and military work? Do not worry! Now you will have reliable assistants in this matter!

We suggest you to start training your four-footed defender from the very first months of his life. These training toys are always used for K9, Schutzhund and military dog training. This set has been specially designed for developing the dog’s biting skills and prey drive.

Make your training more effective or simply have a great fun with your loyal companion outdoors!

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  • Doberman Puppy Training Set With Great Training ToyDurable jute Doberman bite tugs stitched at the edges
  • Set for Doberman Dog of three toolsSet of three bite tugs and extra ball for your Doberman

Key features of this Doberman Dog Bite Tug:

  • Made of durable jute
  • Quick grab handles
  • Securely double stitched
  • Stuffed with soft material
  • Easy to use

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Bite Tug:

  • Developing healthy prey drive
  • Dog bite training

Sizes and weight:

  • width - 1 3/4 (4 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • width - 4 inch (10 cm), length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • Jute

The set combines three Jute Tugs using a simple design yet incredibly durable:

1. Strong jute pocket toy for training and playing with your Doberman. This reliable carefully stitched bite tug is made of completely safe jute material that is one of the best for biting tools.
Width - 1 3/4 (4 cm). Length - 12 inch (30 cm). More details - click here.

Doberman Dog training toy or jute

Easy to use Jut Dog Toy fot small Dobe

2. Comfy two-handle bite tug made of natural jute material. It is hypoallergenic and friendly to your dog's health.
Width - 2 1/3 (6cm). Length - 12 inch (30 cm).
Durably stitched jute bite tug for Doberman

Great Biting Tool for dog training from the first step

3. Reliable Doberman bite rag made of jute. Use it both for training sessions and everyday playing with your pet.
Width - 4 inch (10 cm). Length - 24 inch (60 cm).

Jute bite rag

Training Rag made of jute for Doberman puppy

4. FREE Bright gift for more fun with your puppy! Funny biting ball with a bell inside. Read more about this item here.
Rubber Squeaky Ball Dog Toy 2 3/8''(6cm)

Rubber Squeaky Ball Dog Toy 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)

Customer Reviews:

by Ted Ray
Date Added: 11/21/2009
You can't buy this quality leather in the big chain pet stores! I bought two, one black & one brown, to go with the deluxe leather harnesses I purchased here. SO nice!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]


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