• Model: TE25#1017 Jute Bite tug (6x30cm) 1 handle

High Quality Dog Bite Tag ( Dog Bite Tug ) Made of Jute


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Jute Bite Tug for Training Puppy and Young Dogs

Bite tags are known to be very useful in developing different dog skills. Turn your attention to a handmade extra durable jute tag designed to be a retrieve item or an ideal tool for a correct bite building. This gear is a professional pick!

Do not you think that it is time to use a professional tool while training Doberman of yours? If you have a little puppy or a young dog get this equipment as soon as possible! It is quite safe for the dog’s health therefore no allergic reactions can be provoked in your doggie by the tag.

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  • Doberman Tug for Bite Work Doberman Bite Tag with Strong Convenient Handle
  • Training Jute Dog Bite Tug for DobermanStuffed Stitched Dog Bite Tug for Doberman Puppies and Young Individuals

Key features of this Doberman Tug:

  • made of jute
  • extra strong
  • hypoallergic materials
  • stitched on the edges
  • equipped with comfrotable handle

Intended use of this Doberman Tag:

  • retreive item
  • bite work

Sizes available:

  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • jute

If you buy this product you will have:

  • strong and dependable supply;
  • easy to handle tug ideal for bite work;
  • handmade equipment meant to serve for years
This tug has anti-slip surface because it is made of jute fabric. It is soft and durable material that is little rough to the touch, so the tag is quite ideal for bite training. Jute is natural fabric also used for construction of our bite sleeves and suits.

This article is stitched on its edges with strong threads for added durability. Stitched gear serves much longer than that with glued edges.

Decide in favor of this tool as it will help you in making your Doberman more agile yet stronger. Hunting for this tug he will promote his inborn instincts. You, in turn, will be glad with this equipment’s benefit - there is a handle fastened to its body. You will be more protected from the bites of you doggie if holding by this handle. It will be easier for you take this tag away from your excited Doberman when he does not wants to give it back to you! He will have to open his mouth to release the tag if you pull this accessory by the handle.

Puppies’ teeth will not be damaged while teaching him to bite this tug. This article makes a big and large canine representative become interested in bite training. It provokes his interest in this necessary activity.

Be aware! This tug is meant for training but it must not be given for your puppy or young dog for chewing! If being chewed constantly this tag will serve you less longer.

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