• Model: TE30#1017 French Linen bite tug ( Stefan)

"Pro Guide" Dog Training Pad for Schutzhund and IPO Training


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French Linen Bite Pad with Non-stuffed Flexible Sides for Doberman Dog Training

Do you want to involve your Doberman in Schutzhund and IPO Training? Then you definitely need some advanced equipment to achieve high results. Start pro training with this comfortable highly functional dog pad!
It consists of three parts, which change its general shape, whereby you can use this device in different variations and make your dog fulfill different commands.

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Doberman dog bite pad with full-grab handle

Doberman Dog Schutzhund pad with convenient handle

Doberman Dog bite pad stuffed with dog friendly material

Multifunctional pad for Doberman Dog “for owss” command training

Key features of this Doberman Dog Guide Pad:

  • Strong French linen
  • Stuffed with dog friendly material
  • Flexible sides
  • High functionality
  • Comfy handle

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Guide Pad:

  • Guide article
  • Command training
  • Schutzhund / IPO training
  • Bite work

Size of this Guide Pad:

  • 5 1/5 inch x 21 1/2 inch (13 cm x 53 cm)


  • May vary

This dog bite pad is made of durable French linen material that is tear- and wear- resistant, eco-friendly and convenient for the dog to improve biting.
The middle part of this item is heavy stuffed with hypoallergenic material. Thus the pad is safe for pet’s overall health and teeth in particular.
The two side parts are not stuffed. If to bend them perpendicular to the middle part (in a form of a rectangular tunnel), you will be able to work out the commands "For owss / Voraus! / Go!" with your canine.
Convenient rounded handle provides firm grip for you, in order you could control the training process much better!

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