• Model: C275#1017 Nylon studded collar

Fashion Nylon Collar with 1 Row Studs -1 1/2" for Doberman - Branded Product

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Dreamable Dog Equipment for Everyday Memorable Walks of your Doberman

Stylish appearance of your Doberman is piece of cake. If you doubt somebody’s manufacturing capabilities you should try our exclusive dog goods. We will never let you down! Our products are handmade by skilful producers. Now you are our precious online guest who we would like to provide with first rate dog equipment – reliable and safe. Today is a great day because we want to introduce you our new dog product – super fashion comfy collar! Very strong collar will help you in having due control over your Doberman as well.

When controlling your pet you will be able to admire his pretty look. Buy now best studded nylon dog collar for your Doberman – enjoy pet training and walking to the maximum!

Innovative design, strong raw materials and premiere workmanship are what set us apart from other dog products. Creativity and talent of our makers seem bottomless. Look at this wonderful handmade article – nylon collar for good-looking Dobermans. Our nylon collars are available in many of great designs. This collar presentation is unique and gorgeous. You will be fully content with a choice of collar if you prefer this very model. Besides its dressy exterior, this collar is a combination of best qualities – the ones to be of great importance for a training mean.

Nylon is the same excellent material as leather. Sometimes, this fabric best fulfills objective of dog management. Nylon material is famous for its great strength on this account it is widely used in heavy industry. Do you want your dog to make a best canine in the nearest future? Do engage him in various training. This collar will be useful to teach your Doberman correct behavior.Without this collar's assitance your dog managment will  be less successful.

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  • Best nylon collarHand crafted nylon collar for pleasant walks
  • Handmade nylon collarNylon dog collar with solid buckle and D-Ring


Key features of this Doberman Collar:

  • Strong neoprene nylon
  • Gorgeous nickel pyramids
  • Increased durability
  • Solid nicklel buckle and D-Ring
  • Great performance
  • Stretch-, water-and wearresistant
  • Heaviliy stitched
  • Comfortable
  • Practical

Intended use of this Doberman Collar:

  • Dog training
  • Handling big dogs
  • Popular dog activities
  • Stylish walks

Sizes available:

  • 1 1/2 inch (40 mm) wide

Available colors:

  • Black

How to measure your Doberman Dog for good fit Collar:

how to measure  collar

Please be advised that:

  • For buckle collar when you specify neck size we will make collar fit on central hole.
  • There will be total of 5 holes and distance between each 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm).
  • For example: your dogs neck size is 20 inches (50 cm). Collar will fit on central hole at 20 inches (50 cm).
  • There will be 2 smaller size holes - 18 inch (45 cm) and 19 inch (47.5 cm).
  • There will be 2 bigger size holes - 21 inch (52.5 cm) and 22 inch (55 cm).
  • There will also be tip of the collar after last hole about 2 inch long (5 cm).
  • Those are handcrafted collars and some sizes will differ a little (not in significant way).
  • 2 ply leather collars and padded leather collars are 1 inch bigger to make sure that it will fit your dog.

A little bit more about this amazing creation of experienced manufacturers

If you want to have a most handsome dog you should wear him in this particular collar. Put this collar on him and take him for a memorable promenade. Do not doubt that fact that all surrounding people will appreciate your dog’s look duly. Awesome pyramids have goldish color – they look perfectly on nylon strap. It is most reasonable idea – to combine these look rusted studs with soft elegant fabric. Skillfully crafted dog collar is illustrated on this page.

We cut this collar straight, beveled its edges to prevent their fraying. We made it well-fitted and easy handling. This buckle collar has ideal length and width. The collar meets all the international standards. It is absolutely safe outdoor ammunition. Best comfort is guaranteed. Your dog’s skin will feel gentleness of the nylon fabric as soon as you place the accessory around his neck.

This collar is built for performance and convenience. Best training results are easy to achieve with appropriate tutor and excellent tutorial means. It is easy to keep your dog from breaking away with this collar. Pet walking is joyful when such a collar is worn. Our dog products are truly magical. Doberman breed looks especially magnificent when wearing this collar.

The collar is easy to lock and unlock and comfortable for the dog to wear even in strenuous stressful working situations. Do not be worry about your dog’s willingness to study he will be ready to do what you want – without feeling uncomfortable or forced – your canine will be eager to please you obeying your instructions and displaying good behavior. Intelligent canines can tell the difference between false and truth. They do not mind being managed under proper guidance.

General "Woof" Collar Tip: While there are so many similar collars around , we do our best to offer constantly new designs so your dog can stand out of the crowd

Check out the collar in 3D

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