• Model: L15##1017 Multi-mode nylon dog leash

All-weather Multifunctional Doberman Leash


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Most Multifunctional Nylon Dog Leash for Doberman

Don’t know how to pick up the leash for your dog? This is not a problem if to purchase a multifunctional gear for any case! 7 different methods of application! Amazing thing! Serves great as a police specialised leash, perfect for all-weather training and even for everyday walking of two pets at the same time. Very strong nylon double-ply webbing and shiny brass snap-hook, careful stitching and robust welded O-rings will make your activities safe and pleasant!

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Doberman Lead with solid brass high quality snap hooks and rings

Durable two-ply Nylon Leash for all-weather use

High-quality Nylon Doberman Leash for any-weather training

Great Nylon Gear for many happy years of use

Key features of this Doberman Dog Leash:

  • Well-stitched double-ply nylon
  • Solid brass high quality snap hooks and rings
  • Rust and corrosion resistant hardware
  • All-weather use
  • Lightweight

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Leash:

  • Walking
  • Training
  • Tracking
  • Patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 7ft (210 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black

If you still have not guessed how to use this wonderful leash read the information below:

1. Bring the handle of this leash over your shoulder across your back and up under the armpit. Attach this snap hook to the floating ring making the loop over your body. The other end attach to your dog's collar. Now you have hands free leash.

2. Attach the snap hook of the leash to the sewed O-ring. This is good 3.5 (105 cm) ft Leash.

3. Wrap the leash around the object and clip the snap hook to the floating ring . You’ve got a tether. Do not leave your dog alone when tethered.

4. Make a 3.25' Leash and then grab the floating o-ring and slide it to the end of the leash opposite the clipped ends. Now bring the o-ring back to the clipped end essentially folding the leash in half. Clip the floating o-ring using the same clip that is attached to the fixed o-ring. It is called 20 inch traffic leash.

5. Waist leash. Wrap the leash around your waist and clip the snap hook to the floating O-ring.

6. Are you a happy owner of two pooches? Clip the leash with both snap hooks to your dog’s collars or harnesses and grab this leash in the middle like on the handle. It is a coupler.

7. Use it on the full length as it is.

Take a look at police dog leash

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