• Model: LN1031017 Triple nylon stitched Coupler

Doberman Dog High-quality Nylon Triple Coupler Leash


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Heavy-duty Nylon Coupler Leash for Walking Three Dobermans at Once

Walk three of your dogs while only holding one leash in your hand!
Using a leash coupler you're able to keep three dogs close and hooked on to one leash for your convenience.
This item is a real finding for those who are tired of tangling in several long leashes.
Our tripler is made of strong, yet stylish nickel-plated metal hardware with the best snap-hooks for quick attaching. Water-resistant and mold-resistant nylon straps are 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide and 12 inch (30 cm) long.
Choose this coupler for your doggies - enjoy outstanding quality product and happy wagging of dogs' tails!

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Doberman dog coupler with nickel-plated fittings

Doberman dog triple coupler lead made of high quality all-weather nylon

Rust resistant O-ring of doberman dog nylon tripler leash

Reliable ring for quick leash attaching to nylon dog tripler

Key features of this Doberman Dog Leash:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide nylon
  • Securely triple stitched
  • Nickel-plated fittings
  • 3 strong tangle-free swivel snap hooks
  • O-ring for leash attachment

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Leash:

  • Walking 3 dogs

Sizes available:

  • 12 inch (30 cm) in length (each part)

Available colors:

  • Black

- This coupler will keep your dogs safe and reduce the strain on your arm.
- No longer need to worry about your dogs going in different directions while you are walking them. Tangle-free swivel prevents pesky knots between leashes.
- A secure snap hook on each leash holds your dog in place without fear of them slipping off the latch.
- Solid snap-hooks and attachment ring are made of nickel-plated steel, that promises to last and stay looking great.
- High tensile strength nylon is good for wet weather thanks to water-resistance. It can be washed and dried very quickly.

Buying this coupler you purchase a good assistant for many happy years of use!

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