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French Linen Hidden Protection Doberman Sleeve for Dog Bite Work

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Ambidextrous Hidden Dog Bite Sleeve Made of French Linen for Doberman

Seeking for extra strong bite sleeve?We are happy to offer you ideal equipment for dog bite training. Bite work is more successful if you use this French Linen Sleeve during it. This page shows you Hidden Protection Sleeve. It is handmade item meant to serve you for many dog generations. It is destined for arm protection and is to be worn under garments.  You can wear it under bite suit thus your protection against dog bites will be increased. 

When to use this article? It is most suitable for professional young and adult dog training. It will be helpful when developing hunting instincts in the dog, building correct bite and grip, improving the skills to attack a “victim”, etc. It is highly approved by experienced dog trainers and is recommended for regular usage by qualified vets.

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Strong Hidden Protection French Linen Doberman Sleeve

Strong Doberman Sleeve Provides Due Protection for the Arm

We make this tool strictly following the international kennel standards. Using natural stuff for its fabrication we provide your pet with absolutely safe and non-toxic gear. It is harmless for the dog’s health and teeth. French linen is extra strong material that is almost impossible to bite through even for the strongest dog with very hard bite. To make it right purchase our hidden sleeve which is for sure one of the best available today on the market all over the globe.

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Adjustable Hidden Training Bite Sleeve for Safe Dog Bite Training

Adjustable French Linen Dog Sleeve for Doberman Bite Training

Key features of this Hidden Protection Doberman Bite Sleeve:

  • Handmade and reliaby stitched
  • Made of natural French Linen
  • Inner plastic protection (optional)
  • Lightweight for better mobility
  • Fits both hands - left and right
  • High quality and extra strength
  • Bite protection sleeve
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Velcro closure
  • Absolutely comfortable

Intended use of this Bite Training Hidden Doberman Sleeve:

  • Young dog training
  • Adult dog training
  • K9 and schutzhund training
  • Inner part of a bite suit
  • Dog bite building
  • Professional dog training
  • Army dog training
  • Dog snap development


  • French linen

Available colors:

  • May vary

It is soft, lightweight and flexible dog outfit. It is very comfortable to have on the arm. It fits both arms as it is constructed ambidextrous so that you can change your arms during the training. Following the arm’s lines correctly this sleeve provides super fit. Due to its weight it offers good mobility allowing you to maneuver and have total control over the process of your dog’s education. With the help of this equipment you can even correct your Doberman’s bite and retrieve.

To put it on or off you should use touch fastener. Equipped with Velcros this protective sleeve is easily adjustable. It will not slip of your arm despite the intensity of dog training. Velcros makes the sleeve stay securely on the arm preventing it from getting loose.

We build this sleeve with or without inner plastic reinforcement. Reinforced models are ideal for beginner dog trainers. Professionals use this gear without the plastic protection. This plastic inside will never hurt your pet but will take the heat from his bites.

You should be qualified to this special kind of training, if you are new to this kind of training, please make sure to do it with good instructor. You need also courage and it is better to have good handler on the other end of the leash during this activity.

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