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First-Rate Doberman Puppy Sleeve Crafted of Jute for Dog Training


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Puppy Bite Sleeve Made of Jute and Equipped with Hard Handle for Doberman

Education of little Doberman puppy should be started since its early days, - experienced dog trainers say. Do you want training of your pet to as effective as possible? We have unique pet supply to offer you. This is handcrafted bite sleeve with short shoulder. It is made of jute material that is why its strength and durability are extremely high.  Jute is used for manufacture of professional training tools for young and adult dogs.  This half sleeve is in demand it is convenient in usage and beneficial for both – dog trainers and his pet-trainee. You will not have to make much effort when training a pup with this sleeve. It is specialized canine gear capable of simplifying the activity growing canine is engaged in.

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Strong Jute Doberman Sleeve for Puppy Bite Training

Strong Training Doberman Sleeve for Puppies

Adjustable Strap Sewn in Puppy Bite Sleeve for Doberman Training

Adjustable Strap for Dependable Fitting of This Puppy Sleeve

To adjust it duly you should regulate the strap on the elbow – it is guaranteed that you secure this equipment firmly on your arm if tightening the strap appropriately. This gear will not slip off the arm or get loose as its destination is to stay on during the bite work.


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Doberman Puppy Sleeve for Safe Dog Bite Training

Doberman Puppy Dog Sleeve Sits on the Arm Comfortably

It is constructed of eco-friendly stuff so no skin problems will be caused in the dog. The material is thick and is almost impossible to bite through. Putting your arm in it you will feel very comfortable. After bite work this tool reshapes again – even if the training is regular you should not worry about the product’s strength.

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Bite Training Dog Sleeve With Handle to Hold It Stronger

Use Inner Handle to Maneuver this Puppy Bite Sleeve As you Like

There is an inside strong handle holding which you better control your dog’s behavior. The handle allows you to hold this item stronger and manage the training.

Key features of this Doberman Puppy Bite Sleeve:

  • Premium quality
  • Lightweight for good mobility
  • Crafted of natural pet-friendly finest stuff
  • Hard inner handle
  • Soft interior area
  • Nylon loop for lead fastening
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Adjustable strap
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to care for

Intended use of this Training Doberman Sleeve:

  • for dogs of 7-14 month old
  • Bite build training
  • Young dog training
  • Adult dog training
  • Sports dogs training
  • Police and military dogs training
  • Good foundation building of bite work
  • Schutzhund


  • Jute

Available colors:

  • Color can be different

You can use this sleeve to develop and correct bite in young and adult dogs, to teach them to protect, to build proper snatch, etc. This custom made tool is meant for professional dog trainers. If you are a beginner trainer it is better for you to work together with the specialist in order to avoid getting injured or injury the dog. If used properly the sleeve ideally protects the arm up to the elbow. It provides good protection for the trainer/the helper. It is rather lightweight and you will not get tired of moving your arm fast for all the period the training lasts.

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