• Model: PSC491017 Mega Strength Full Jute Cover

Universal Jute Cover for Doberman Bite Sleeves


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Protection Jute Bite Sleeve Cover for Doberman Dog Training

Do you want to prolong the use of protection bite sleeve? Of course you do!
This Universal Cover is made of high-quality thick jute and intended for added durability and protection of your bite sleeve. This is the best selling sleeve cover and it’s perfect for Schutzhund and IPO training.
If you train your dog at different bite levels, you can use the same cover and attach it to any sleeve bottom. You can always remove the cover and change it to another one, saving your money on buying a new sleeve every time!

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Doberman dog training sleeve cover, suits any sleeve

Doberman Dog reliable sleeve cover for professional training

Key features of this Doberman Dog Sleeve Cover:

  • Firmly stitched
  • Convenient nylon handle
  • Natural jute of supreme durability
  • Strong loops for sleeve attachment

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Sleeve Cover:

  • Police and military dog training
  • Fits most major brands sleeves


  • 3, 35 lb (1,52 kg)


  • Jute
Doberman dog sleeve cover of Strong natural materials

Easily-removable sleeve cover for protection training

From now on, you don't have to purchase a completely new sleeve after a couple of month! This Jute Sleeve Cover is made to prolong the life of your training gear.
Jute cover fits even for the young dog who is learning to bite.
A convenient handle helps the handler target the bite.
This cover can be used with most kinds of sleeves. Try it with this Dog Bite Sleeve for Schutzhund, Ring Sport, Police K9 or this Schutzhund Training and Trial Bite Sleeve .

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