• Model: PS2021017 X-sleeve with Dragon

"X-Sleeve Deagon" Doberman Dog Training Bite Protection Sleeve


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Superior Design Protection Sleev for Doberman Police, Schutzhund and Military Training

Buy Now New Revolutionary Fully Hand Crafted All Around Dog Protection Training BITE Sleeve!
Train safe and feel comfortable! This NEW "X-Sleeve Deagon" Protection Sleeve will give you maximum freedom of movements with full-hand protection for efficient Doberman training!

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Doberman Dog "X-Sleeve Dragon" for safe training

Key features of this Doberman Dog Protection Training Sleeve:

  • Dog-safe materials
  • No Metal or Outside Plastic Parts
  • Hand Stitching For Outstanding Durability
  • Approved by professional Trainers
  • Superior design
  • Great tear- and wear-resistance

Intended use of this Doberman Dog Protection Training Sleeve:

  • Dog Protection training

This Protection Bite Sleeve is made for professional dog handlers and trainers. It's a thing that you may rely on!

First of all, it can be adjusted to fit YOUR own anatomy to aloow train better!

Secondly, this High Quality Bite Sleeve is made of dog-friendly selected materials only. It doesn't cause allergies in dogs. Hand craft experts sew it by hand and with special attention to quality.

Thirdly, the X-Sleeve was tested and approved by reputable trainers. Great for KNPV, Mondioring, Police, Schutzhund and Military training!

Improve Your Dog's skills wisely! The results are not long in coming!

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