• Model: PBB4J1017 Puppy Bite Builder made of Jute

Doberman Puppy Jute Bite Developer with Three Hard Handles


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Doberman Puppy / Young Dog Bite Builder of Jute

Need a puppy sleeve made of strong yet safe for your dog material? Jute is the best material for producing bite sleeves, tugs and developers for puppies. It doesn’t harm their health and teeth, it’s attractive and soft. You may think that it’s not lasting? That's not true! Jute Bite Builder serves long and it’s proved Worldwide!

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Doberman dog training bite builder with hidden handles

Doberman Dog Jute bite developer for puppy basic bite training

Key features of this Young Doberman Dog Training Bite Developer:

  • Quality jute material
  • Reliable bite surface
  • Soft interior
  • Three hidden hard handles
  • Easy bite grip angle for puppies

Intended use of this Young Doberman Dog Training Bite Developer:

  • Advanced puppy bite training
  • Better position grip building
  • Full bite grip building
  • Stronger grip development
Doberman dog bite builder of strong and reliable jute material

Bite Builder with three hard inside handles for proper grip angle

So, here is a Doberman puppy bite developer made of strong yet safe for your dog Jute material. It features three inside handles, which allow you to hold the item with two hands, one hand or on the arm, to inroduce your puppy a sleeve concept. The handles are covered with foam, so that they will not slip of your hands.
The light weight will give you additional mobility and make sure you will not get exhausted fast during training.

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