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Jute Dog Bite Sleeve - Protection Hidden Sleeve for Doberman training

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Revolutionary Training Bite Sleeve –Hidden Jute Sleeve at Affordable Price!

If you need to make a good foundation in bite work you should have a hidden protection sleeve for your Doberman. Sleeves vary in design and can be made of different materials. But jute bite sleeves rank second to none. We have been running family business for many years – our workshop has a lot of fine dog goods to offer you. And our hand crafted bite sleeves are very popular goods. Dog bite training is very important. Bite sleeve. This cover can be worn on the left or right arm. It is an ambidextrous model – so if you are left-hander or right-hander it has no difference – the sleeve can be ideally fitted to either of your arms. It is very strong equipment though you will enjoy its softness when having on your arm.

jute hidden bite sleeve

In order your Doberman could fulfill his role as a protection dog for your family and property he should be trained accordingly. When Doberman is being bite trained you should use professional protective armor and time after time stimulate a controlled training with a stick in the environment under observation. Then the dog is being gradually trained to bite with force into the protected arm and he doesn't loosen his bite till his handler shouts: “Out!”

In order to be duly prepared for bite training you must cover your arm with the equipment through which your dog’s teeth cannot reach your skin. The sleeve introduced on this page is made of very durable material – thick jute therefore it is an ideal choice for dog bite protection. During bite training you should put the sleeve under garments as it is a Hidden Arm Cover.

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  • Doberman dog bite sleeve hiddenBite training of your Doberman will always succeed with hidden jute sleeve
  • Adjustable Doberman dog bite sleeveDoberman dog jute bite sleeve can be easily adjusted on right or left arm


Key features of this Doberman Bite Training Sleeve:

  • Highest quality designer product
  • Hand stitched for durability
  • No metal parts
  • Breathable
  • Velcro ability
  • Mega strong but very soft
  • Perfect design
  • Hand crafted
  • Easy adjustable with Velcros
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Already tested and approved by professional trainers in many countries

Intended use of this Hidden Bite Doberman Sleeve:

  • Personal protection training
  • Police, Schutzhund, military training
  • Working with sporting dogs
  • Other bite sleeve work

Material used:

  • Tightly woven jute

Available colors:

  • Beige

While non police dogs are not trained to bite person in civil clothes, police dogs must be tested to verify they will actually bite someone that is not wearing a training sleeve or body bite suit.

The sleeve has reinforced stitching all over.

The following advantages are common to this Doberman sleeve – best bite training equipment!

Do you know that jute is hypoallergenic material? Yes, it is. This is very soft arm to use with your dog as well! Biting it your pet is not expected to break his teeth. It is designed to cover and protect your arm. This jute arm is strong but lightweight. You will not believe how comfortable this arm in comparison with other bite or agitation arms used in dog bite training world.

The sleeve can be used for both young and adult dogs. No harm is caused by this well-made training gear – the results achieved during bitework are fantastic if using this jute sleeve as assistant training tool. Your efforts to educate your canine to bite when necessary will not be wasteful with help of this hidden sleeve for biting. The gear can be used even for most advanced dogs.

You should be aware of serviceability of this hidden bite sleeve. It is long lasting product to be used even for hard protection/agitation work. The arm is heavily stitched to maintain its integrity under most forceful bite. At that thick jute recovers its original shape after biting.

Convenience in use. Perfect positioning sleeve allows you to bring your arm into ideal position for the dog. It is easy to make an appropriate angle without efforts as the sleeve provides it automatically. Velcro ability facilitates the adjustment of this sleeve. You will manage to fix this hidden sleeve on your arm without any problems. The cover is made so as to follow your arm anatomic lines correctly. The sleeve is also made with interior plastic reinforcement for additional protection from the bite – but the dog can’t get hurt because of this special insert. But if you r a professional trainer you should have the sleeve without the insert to know how your dog works.

Most of Schutzhund trained dogs will not bite person in civil clothes. Dog with sport background will chase subject constantly looking for sleeve to bite. Be aware to the fact that simply putting hidden sleeve under clothes will not make your dog prepared but it is for sure essential of preparation to achieve solution. Make sure to complete additional defensive training with experienced helper.

hidden bite sleeve

hidden bite sleeve

Take a look at dog hidden sleeve in 3D

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